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A New Beginning

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 May 31, 2017

 There was a time when I thought that I could quit smoking. But that went away very quickly. And then there was the other time and the other time. I always thought of quitting for many years, usually as I was lighting up another cigarette.


And then one day as I was coughing my lungs out for a few hours in the morning, (something that by this time was happening every morning) I thought of quitting. But I let that thought go and lit up another smoke. And then the next day, I thought about quitting. Of course I didn’t but I started to wonder why I didn’t take the thought seriously.


I went through this cycle for weeks and weeks once the coughing started. I knew the cough was a sign of some kind of impending doom, and yet I just couldn’t take the thought of quitting seriously until one morning for some reason, I had a eureka moment!


I realized that these endless meaningless thoughts could be a reality if I let it be. But I also knew that this would be really hard. I knew that change was never easy. During my preparation, I discovered just how entwined my life was with smoking. My addiction was involved with everything!


I saw this as the tentacles of addiction and realized that these would have to be removed from every part of my brain before I could be free. I knew I was in for a fight before I ever put out that last cigarette. But by the end of my preparation, I knew that this fight was one I intended to win!


And I must say that now, a little over six years later, I’m really glad I made that choice so long ago. Before I quit, it seemed like an impossible task to complete. But once we learn to carefully place one foot in front of the other and never think of anything but moving forward, we begin to slowly become free.


The sticking point for most I think, is that it doesn’t feel like freedom at first, simply because freedom never comes easy and as such, it’s something not realized for a while after the quit. All of the benefits are realized down the road and most of us always seek instant gratification.


For me, the key is always looking ahead to that wonderful day of freedom. To always believe that it’s there, beckoning to us even though we can’t see it at first.


So when you choose to quit, never believe that it’ll be easy. But also always remember that it’s not impossible to win. For me, the example of this lives in my past. I wouldn’t be living this wonderful future that I’m in right now were it not for the decision I made long ago.


Never believe that the journey isn’t worth it. Never think that the freedom we speak of constantly isn’t real because it is! There’s nothing but sunshine ahead if you can just make it past the hard part to find it.


I hope to hear of your success on the path to freedom. And I can’t wait for you to get started, because the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be where I and so many others are right now. You’ll be on your way to a wonderful future! It has to start somewhere. Perhaps now is the time for a new beginning . . .





Wowser it feels like I just said that it's the last Hump Day of April!, I really hope to get some nice weather here in NB before the snow starts flying again!  We've had the odd really nice day but I'm greedy and I'd like a few sunny days in a row so I can enjoy it but I won't smoke over the weather or anything else because I don't do that anymore and if anyone is reading this and you're struggling to protect your quit then stand firm with your chin up and grab onto the best gift that you'll ever give yourself and hang on tight and don't let go because giving up isn't an option, believe in yourself and know that you can and will be successful one precious smoke free day at a time, quitting smoking is a choice so please choose wisely and continue to move forward then  this evening you can look in the mirror and smile because you made it through another DAY WON! N.O.P.E  - Not One Puff Ever  - works when applied on a daily basis so once you start to believe that you can quit smoking and Remain quit, then you can hold your head up high and get busy living a life of


Is we are REPETITIVE beings.

Look at food as one example.

We learn seasonal likes for certain foods from our family.

Often at those times each year those foods are recreated by us long after those people are gone because it is familiar. It's also seasonal based on fruits and vegetables available. People make apple pies in the Fall. Cherry pies in the Spring.  All these memories and connections make us who we are and influence our behavior.

I remember my dad having smoked sardines and saltines in the Spring and buttermilk in the summer.



I would imagine our smoking cues begin in much the same way and deepen the longer we smoke,

and thus,

the unexpected amount of time it takes to unlearn it.

We're only on this earth a short time and I find that the older I get the more I realize that I need to look after myself better and I'm the only one that can at least I quit drinking 6 yrs ago in February because I was killing myself slowly from hard liquor for over 20 yrs so a big yay for that and come the middle of July I'll have 3 yrs in since quitting smoking another big yay for that!  I'm vigilant with my sobriety and my smobriety  now I need to start eating healthier which is another choice which I have to do for me because no one else can. Once you or anyone of us make up our minds to do something we most certainly can because with the right mindset we can do just about anything we put our minds to so for me I quit smoking after 40 yrs of slavery to the disgusting Cancer Sticks at least smoking 30 a day and much more than that I'm sure before quitting drinking so eating healthier should be a piece of Cake  Oops maybe that should be a piece of celery or something healthy.  it's time to choose life over addiction or poor eating habits or whatever it may be that's possibly taking years off of our lives because we have a choice of what we put in our bodies! It's difficult to break an addiction and it's also difficult to break the habit because they fit together but it's definitely Doable and so very worth it all to be FREE!


Three years smoke free.

Posted by sparky26 May 30, 2017

It came up on my memories on Facebook , and I think I figured out the day I actually quit was May 16 th . I put may 30 th  here at Ex . Haha I don't know why , I think I never really thought I was going to make it , I was really gonna try to quit for a month . To see if I could just do it . I guess I'm still a little wowed that I really haven't smoked a cigarette in three years .THREE Years !  So anyhow wanted those that think of me from time to time to know I'm still here , still a ex smoker . I just haven't been here at Ex , I still trying to recover from my cancer surgery, aftermath , it's been hard . And then my sister got sick and passed away very suddenly, along with two dear family friends , all in May . So glad that May is over. 

Until next time ,  your friend Sparky aka Donna 


My Quit - In the Beginning

Posted by tjanddj May 29, 2017

My Quit - In the Beginning

My perception from my memory of what I first went through in the first few weeks of my quit. I wonder how different it would have turned out it I did a painting during that time. Perhaps this painting is a mixture of then and what is going on  with my life now. I'm not sure.


Here ya go to both Nancy's

Posted by shashort May 28, 2017

Hello everyone hope all is having a great Sunday. Per threat @Youngatheart.7.4.12 hahahaha jk there ya go messy hair and all lol also thank you SkyGirl for taking the picture for my new avitar lol  oh yeah and Giulia you are a great teacher, hope the glue sticks haha.

So sad Virginia trip is behind us but now to look forward to EX6.  I got my phone back in the mail yesterday YAY! YAY!  OH didn't tell everyone about my missing CPAP that came up missing on my bus trip home on the 23rd but YAY OH YAY!!!!! I got it back today and am I going to sleep good.tonight.  And again great to meet everyone love and hugs until next year.  Remember Commitment, determination and NOPE = Success.


In Life . . .

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 May 28, 2017

 In life, we find so many wonderful things. The interactions between people. The emotions of life. The wonders of the senses and the power to be able to do anything we put our minds to. Life is indeed an empty shell. It’s what we do with that shell that makes it what it really is. How we fill ourselves up every day starts the moment we wake up.


When I wake, I always take a moment to asses my mood and my outlook for the day. The mornings for me are the best times to change internal things if we choose to because just like life, every morning is an empty slate for us to fill with the colors we choose, our outlook for the day, how we view the activities of the day and how we want to perceive the day.


When I feel a little out of sorts, I like to try to change my mood first thing, before life’s activities can begin to form my perception of the day. I begin to see the two sides of how the day can be. I can treat it as a day where I’m feeling a little tired, or I can choose to think that the day’s activities will help me to feel amazing once I get going.


I think the choice is within us every day as to how we want to live life. In life there can be things that we don’t expect, and at times these things can ruin what we’ve already perceived as a good day. But the way we start out that day makes all the difference for how we live it.


I remember the mornings right after I quit. The first morning I faced smoke free, I remember waking and wondering how the day was going to be. I knew how I wanted it to be, but with this new situation, I wondered what might actually happen. Would I feel bad enough to lose my brand new quit? Would I feel depressed or lost?


On that confusing day, I simply sat up and told myself that today was a new beginning and that tomorrow I will grow from my experiences today. And each time I faced a crave on that first day, I thought of tomorrow. Of my new clean slate, and how wonderful I was going to feel that I found a way to get past my own worst enemy. Myself.


I believe it was around the third day of my quit that I first dreamed of Mt. Freedom. I built that mountain on a morning that I was feeling a little out of sorts. I saw the similarities between climbing a tall mountain and quitting. The fear that one feels at first. The fear of falling, or slipping backwards.


I saw that just like any journey, it had to start with that first step. And just like climbing a mountain, each step gives a little more confidence. A little more belief that I could make the next step, and the next, and the next. And that over time, I could look down the slopes and see how far I’d come. I could see those ahead of me on the mountain, and I always left breadcrumbs for others to follow, just as others left them for me.


The boulder fields and snow fields ahead always reminded me that though I’d come a long ways, one misstep could send me tumbling down to the beginning of the trail, and all I wanted was to see that summit. To wave the banner of freedom that I knew was there high over my head! I wanted that so much more than anything my addiction could throw at me. And this was my vision every morning, bringing my heart, mind and soul together to create the one thing I wanted more than anything else. To be free! To soar above the discomforts of my addiction to that wonderful place that I knew was there!


In life, we have to make choices. Sometimes we have to make that choice every day, the moment we wake up so that all of the elements of our beings are in sink to the task at hand. In life we have to weigh what is helping us against what might be harming us.


In life we have to look to the future sometimes in order to make it through the present. In life we have to make the choices in the present that will make our future brighter. In life, we have to remember that every choice we make determines how our future will look tomorrow.


We must seek a life of freedom over all else because the alternative is just ugly, sad and full of despair. We have the power within us to make our futures. All we have to do is commit to making the right choices now, and in the end life will be wonderful!!





...I can quit smoking before I joined EX.

Meeting all of you long time quitters, learning what it takes, adjusting the tools to fight the craves at the beginning, and learning how to surf them later, learn to know myself and when to come here for help, as well as helping others, brought me where I am today, 442 days of freedom, and counting.

For all of you over there not believing you can do it, please listen to someone who was one of yours a little over 1 year ago: You can do it.

This community is going to be your lifeline anytime you need one, and will guide you through hard times, just learn to stay close and you won half of the battle.  The rest is up to you, and you will get there with an open mind and desire to learn, and to re-gain your self-respect. You are going to change, but it is all for the better and you and your dear ones will be the beneficiary!

Be grateful you found EX, I am!

Confession #1

I was very EXcited that  EX was coming to my town and thrilled that I was saving $$$$$$.  

Confession #2

Along with that EXcitement came a little bit of anxiety. This was my first EX reunion. What will it be like?  How will I be received?  

Confession #3

Oh well it was good, and it got better and better and better. I got to spend a grand time with some of the most special, kind, funny, thoughtful, and considerate folks I have met.  I had a grand time in my own town with EXer's.

Confession #4

There was a moment (hunger attack)and had to wait late for dinner.  When hungry, I turn into an Angry Black Woman.  Thanks to Youngatheart.7.4.12's kettle popcorn you did not get to see it.    

Confession #5

Sometimes we take what we are blessed with for granted.  Thanks to all of you for reminding me how much fun it can be living here.  

Confession #6

And then it was over. Some I had not been able to only spend a short time with and still wanted to get to know you all a little better. 

Confession #7  I was so sad and felt so alone, enough like crying  Gosh what the hell!   Well, I had my memories and I starting posting them to my bulletin board and sharing pictures here online. That made me feel better....and then I got the call fromShawnP  "flight delayed".  

Confession #8   Sorry for your delay but glad to help and have your company.  I knew right away it was meant and heaven sent.   I got a chance to spend quality time with a very special young lady.  Thank you God.  

Confession #9  I wanted to make a strawberry shortcake for you guys but never got to it.

Confession #10  "Love you all the most".  Can hardly wait for EX6!



Posted by Lady86 May 25, 2017

Hello EXers. I'm not on here much atm, I'm taking a small break from looking at screens and the internet. I just wanted you to know I'm doing well, I'm protecting my quit. 64 DOF and counting  I just need a bit of a break. All is well. Best wishes to everyone. Take care


In life, there’s so many things that can affect us. How we feel physically. How we feel mentally. And our perception of the world around us as we live our lives. We can look at a tall mountain, and the beauty of it can almost bring tears to our eyes. Or we can feel empathy for others, where their actions generate an emotional response within us. In other words, we humans react to the stimulus of our environment.


When we choose to quit smoking, our perception of how things will be is at first a seemingly horrible perception. At first, we just can’t seem to see past the fact that we think cigarettes make us happy. And this creates an emotional response within us. One of fear or one of sadness that we can’t just go on as we always have.


Preparing to quit is an exercise to prepare us to perceive things differently. To help us to understand what our new world will look like so that we’re not blindsided by our own emotions when we begin the journey.


Still, when we begin the actual journey, the way we perceive the world actually changes. The people around us seem different somehow, and everything just seems to darn annoying! The slightest thing can set us off and propel us into a place where we don’t want to be. A place filled with a kind of anger that just makes no sense.


The thing to remember during these times is that the anger is generally misplaced. The real problem is our confusing perceptions as we step into the realm of freedom. The endless nagging that we create for ourselves at first. I know when I first quit the first time, I was ready to lash out at another for the slightest little thing!


But in this last quit, after a few days, I seemed to be able to keep my thoughts in a better place and it was actually kind of easy to do. Something that seemed totally out of place on those first hard days, but all it took was a vision of a place that made me smile. A place of my own creation that had every element that would please me within it. For me, it was a quiet spot by a lake. For others it can be whatever we want to make it.


Just like Mt. Freedom, I had this place in my mind that I could go to whenever I needed a break from my current discomforts. All of these things, the mountain, the quiet place, gregp136's playground all serve to get our minds onto something new. These visions take us to a different place when we need it most and helps us to cope with the crazy world of the quit. It changes the thought patterns into something more positive.


So the next time you’re feeling angry or out of sorts, take a moment to create a place of beauty within yourself. A peaceful place or a place full of wonder. One that you can visit whenever you need it. A serene place that you can relax in when the toils of the quit get the better of you.


No mood is ever static. No thought has to be our dominant thought unless we let it be. The key is to want to change your thinking and if you can concentrate on a different thought for a while, the mind will follow along with you. Soon the mind, heart and soul once again begin working together toward our goal of freedom. And with each day that we stay on the path, it will get easier. We just have to get through the rough stuff at the beginning.


It’s really an easy exercise and it can change the outlook for an entire day! I wish all of you a peaceful day!






The flower

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 May 18, 2017

There are times in our lives when things just seem ugly. Where we just can’t seem to find something positive to help us along. We create a kind of drudgery that’s hard to get rid of. A kind of sadness that has no real origen.


Often when we quit, this seems to happen. We lose our happiness and we’re just not sure where it went. This happened to me once, actually before my quit. I just couldn’t get out of this crazy funk. Like it was a living thing harassing me. As always, I’d try to fight it off. I never believed that depression can be a part of my life, but for some unknown reason, at this time it really was.


I chose to go for a hike in order to change my thought patterns. I remember it was Torreys peak, A fourteen thousand foot mountain that wasn’t real far from my house. I’d already climbed Greys peak, a twin mountain that had just enough of a dip between the two mountains that it was classified as a different mountain.


I got all of my gear ready, (which was a lot since I hiked alone) and headed to the mountain, still unable to shake my sad feelings. I got to the trailhead and started up. I remember a group of hikers passing me and laughing because of all the gear I was carrying. I smiled beck and continued up the mountain.


About the time that I broke treeline, a large thunderstorm came rolling in. I picked a spot between two rocks and pulled out my rain gear, deciding that I’d wait out the storm since I was so close to the top. Of course as I sat there, I couldn’t shake that depressing feeling.


As I watched, the lightning started hitting the peak of the mountain and I could just make out a few people who were on the top. After another huge crash of lightning, I watched them jump into a slight ravine filled with snow. They slid down almost to where I was and to safety. I remember as they passed that I asked, “Were the rocks buzzing up there?”


They replied that they were, eyes wide as could be. They headed down the mountain. Many other hikers came by and eventually, when it looked safe, I continued my climb. I remember there was a stand of trees all by themselves and dwarfed by the altitude. I walked up to them curiously and then I peered into the center of them. There I found a large group of Columbine flowers, nestled in a place where they never should have been. Right then, the sun popped out, making them glow brightly.


This put a smile on my face. Suddenly, my depression was gone! My mind had chosen to focus on the amazing beauty that was before me and this dissolved my mood! To make a long story short, (a little late for that, I know) I finished that hike and you know what? I finished it with a spring in my step. I felt light as air as I reached the summit. And I was completely alone on that mountain. For the first time ever since I’d begun climbing these mountains, there was no wind on the summit and everything was clear as a bell! I stayed up there and watched the most beautiful sunset that I’d ever seen. And to think I’d started this journey carrying the baggage of depression!


I learned much from this journey. I learned that since I was prepared, I was able to find wonderful things that never would have been found had I not chosen to walk this path on this particular day. I learned that something as small as a single group of flowers could completely change my day, and I learned that so long as I believed in myself, I could make it to the summit.


So many things in life are just like that. Depression can become a thing of wonder if we can find the right stimulus. Our goals can actually be accomplished if we prepare and use what we learned in the past to achieve a new goal.


But most importantly, I learned that the smallest thing can change our current perception of things and also change the entire day.


When we choose to quit smoking, we choose to go on a journey that can change things forever. We decide that above all odds, we can achieve the goal of life and freedom. And as we travel along, at times we find that flower shimmering in the sun to bring that completely unexpected smile to our faces.


All I can say is never be afraid to better yourself. Never be afraid to try something different, even if it might be hard at first. Take that magical journey to freedom. You won’t regret it. In fact in the end you’ll find that life is as beautiful as a group of flowers high on the slopes of Mt. Torreys, shimmering in the sun where they really shouldn’t be!


Go for it! Your life of freedom awaits you. All you have to do is take that first step!






In Death

Posted by tjanddj May 17, 2017

Today is the one year anniversary of my husband's death. I'm sharing a picture I painted in memory of his death titled "In Death". It represents the deep sadness of his death and the love and friendship we shared together for many years.

He suffered and died from a smoking related disease. I hope you make the right choice today and not wait until it is to late. Save a Life - Let it be Yours


You're Doing It Wrong.

Take The Emotions Out Of Quitting.
Use Common Sense And Logic To Succeed.

      When emotions are overcoming you, stop them by saying to yourself
"I quit smoking, I'm going to be uncomfortable for awhile."

In that way you've accepted the discomfort and put the blame on smoking instead of on quitting smoking.

      If you do that for a week, you will understand why we tell you it gets better and, be better able to move forward successfully.


We lay out the whole process for you with the pitfalls and obstacles and how to overcome them, why keep smoking?


What To Expect In The First Four Months 

The Two Sets Of Seasons 

Here's How Your Senses Can Override Your Thinking 


If you claim this information and methods provided won't work for you, you didn't read it or implement the information.


My Commitment to the Quit

Posted by tjanddj May 15, 2017

Here is a painting I did called " My Commitment to the Quit"

I made my commitment to the quit a few months before my quit date. I don't remember the date it was I don't even remember what month it was but I'll never forgotten the day I made that commitment. I remember telling my husband I was going to quit on February 12th, the anniversary of when I started eating healthfully. He told me "but you enjoy smoking" I told him it didn't matter that I did, smoking no longer fit into my plan of what I wanted for myself. I remember him looking at me and saying "you are going to do it this time" it wasn't a question he was asking me it was something we both knew was going to happen. My commitment day was a special day for me and I give it great honor because it has brought me to this smoke-free life I now live.

May today be the day that you make your commitment to your quit.



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 May 13, 2017

JustSharon just reminded me that I haven’t done an update on my wife as of late. Things are going pretty much as expected, and since we expected nothing but improvement, that’s a really good thing.


We’ve started the therapy. Some very mild motions for now. Baby steps all the way, it seems. We both really like the physical therapist, who cares a lot about not overdoing or causing any more pain than necessary.


We’ve gotten into a routine, now that I’ve learned what she needs most. Her pain subsides more and more every day and her incisions look like they’re healing perfectly. Other than still not getting much sleep (though a little more than we were), things are going well. We’ve always been a great team together and that shows now, as we work together for her recovery.


Speaking of which, I’ve got to go be her hands and arms. We’re baking some bread to make pizza sticks. Have a wonderful day and happy mother’s day to all you mothers!





I was just thinking about a time in my past when I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. I had no idea that I had this chronic disease until it was discovered quite by accident from a blood test taken at a health fair. When the diagnosis was made, I was floored! How could this be? I felt fine!


I began studying the disease and discovered that over time, it could destroy my liver or create liver cancer. I was horrified! But also, this was the first time in my life that I started thinking about life. It seems like over time, we tend to take life for granted, or rather we just don’t think about it much. When something life threatening hits a person, we tend to create scenarios. We invent a mental picture of our futures and the mind sometimes accepts that picture.


The same kinds of things happen with nicotine addiction, I think. We start smoking with confidence in our health and assume that we could never be harmed by the effects of this highly addictive drug. We create this perfect image in our minds of a completely healthy self. In our mental picture, we see ourselves smoking with no consequences. We become our own worst enemy.


After being firmly addicted, at times we realize that perhaps our mental picture of ourselves isn’t actually helping us to achieve the goal of a wonderful life. We challenge the mental image of ourselves, and as is normal for the mind, we create a new scenario, or rather, we think about creating a new scenario.


This generates fear because we’re challenging what we’ve always accepted as normal. And because of our addictions, the mind rejects the thought of a different perception of life because it’s just not convenient. It’s easier to keep the same mental picture in place. But if we really start thinking about it, the mind starts creating all new scenarios. Ones where we’re suffering from the pain of withdrawal. Ones where we see all of the discomforts that we somehow know that we’ll feel.


This is why preparation is so important in my opinion. This is the time when we begin accepting a new picture of ourselves. When we prove to ourselves that we can change our mental image into something more positive and over time, we become convinced that we really can beat the addiction and change ourselves forever!


Quitting in reality is a truly positive experience. And it’s one that teaches us a lot about ourselves and how we perceive the world around us. And I think that along the way, we find a new love of life. A desire to see things a little more perfectly than they were before.


Once we get past the initial first hard weeks, or for some months, we begin to naturally create a new scenario of ourselves. A new image of what we are and we see ourselves as nonsmokers. Once the image is changed, I think the journey becomes easier.


So when you’re struggling, and you think the journey will never end. When you find your resolve waning. These are the times to remember the image of yourself as a nonsmoker. These are the times to think of the seeds you are now sowing for the future. Seeds of health and freedom. Seeds of peace and happiness.


And with each passing day, these seeds grow! But we must nurture them at first. They’re very precious to us and as such must be cared for throughout the journey because in the end we prove not only to ourselves but to those that love us that we will fight for our future! We will fight for our pride and for our freedom! We will fight for the new life that only we can create for ourselves!


How will your future look? The choice is yours and yours alone. I do hope you choose freedom and life . . . .





  I have become almost irrational lately. Especially when I get to the community site. I stopped smoking at about 11:00pm 4/11/17 and did not use any drugs or substitutes. That is clearly a person to person decision. Our physiology and personality differences are profound obviously. I am an abrasive person by nature it seems. There exists the possibility that I may have hurt some other people's efforts to quit. This was never my intention but I literally could not imagine how differently we deal with the difficult jobs in our lives.  I have isolated myself socially from other people for some years now to a great extent and it is coming home to me as I see how poorly I am able to understand others.  To those people who I have hurt or offended, I am profoundly sorry. This was never my intention. 

  I have received some fairly caustic responses from other people here and that is a good thing as it has given me the opportunity to observe that while some of my posts have been offensively angry, insensitive and just plain mean, I am not the worst offender. I have never accused anyone of being here to disrupt the quit of another member. I have never accused someone of working for a quit smoking plan and not actually being a smoker. Lastly, I have never told anyone that they had not been quit long enough to understand the process or offer advice.

  I feel that since I was able to quit for more than 20 years because of some will power. some support and a scientifically documented plan, that I might have something to offer. At the very least, I need to participate to make sure that my quit works.  To this end, I intend to continue to participate in the community.  Once again, to those whom I have offended or hurt, I am sorry. Those of you who feel that you are genuinely prepared to evaluate and judge others participating in the community, need to reevaluate your own experience, background and the purpose of the community. 

  I will try to be nicer and supportive in a more considerate way. To those two people who have been hounding me ( you know exactly who you are), please find something else to do with your time. 


Oh Chip!

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 13, 2017

They implanted a chip in my esophagus and gave me buttons to push whenever I change activities or have heartburn, belching (I don't belch) or regurgitato-nation.

How is one coming out of anesthesia supposed to remember and follow verbal instructions?  Not only that, I am supposed to write down every movement, every time I eat, take medication, or recline on paper charts. So do I need a clipboard for the next 5 days?  :-(

It starts beeping if I get more than 3 feet from it.

The coup de gras is I have to spend 2 hours hand delivering it back to the hospital the middle of next week.

Ok I've punched the meal button and written coffee with cream on the chart.

Can I live now?



Through Venting


My Therapeutic Painting

Posted by tjanddj May 12, 2017

A non artist I am but painting I will do because it is helping me move along in life. Need a distraction? Give it a try your self.

This is my first painting I did.

My paintings mean nothing to know one but me and only I know the title.

You can try and guess the title if you like.


Hint: Based on Genesis Chapter 1


Walking is MY rest

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 May 11, 2017

I was like a caged animal far from lighting a cigarette YET MY actions were stirred UP to find that RELEASE...... the PRESSURE of life closing in on ME.... please I am talking ME so take what HELPS at the MOMENT and let go and let God with the rest. Thank you. I see with MY OWN eyes and HEAR with MY own ears YET I deny what I see and hear cuz the FACT OF TRUTH FOR ME is I will not ACCEPT I am powerless to STOP anyone from quitting nicotine or anything else people CHOOSE to die an early death!  I share ALL the knowledge ALL the wisdom of MY years of  not USING NICOTINE to be told NO THANKS. Now I gotta deal with MY immaturity of rejection of EMOTIONS and LET GO AND LET GOD! I went for walking the mall with my friend. Walked another two miles a total of FOUR and blogged! NOT ONE PUFF OVER MY PRIDE in Christ Jesus AMEN IF ONE OF US IS GOING TO USE NICOTINE IT IS YOU NOT ME ONLY BY GODS GRACE I BLOG BLOG BLOG BEFORE I TAKE ONE PUFF OVER ME! Then I WALK WALK WALK. HOORAY FIR JESUS!


Be Proud

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 May 11, 2017

I wanted to talk about it, soon after it happened.


No one here says it is easy to quit; and life has all kind of stuff in store for all of us.


For a while we think we miss our fix to make everything better, but then we start recognizing all things that are getting better when you become an EX. There are many blogs that have been written about all the positive changes when you are an EX.


But nothing prepared me for the feeling of pride I felt this morning.


I was driving to work, the weather was cooler this week, cool enough that no AC was needed to run this morning (no matter how much I cleaned my car, when I start the AC I still smell a faint smoke, or smoke-like smell; after all for 15 years the driver was smoking in this car).

No AC this morning, and all of a sudden I can smell the wonderful perfume I used this morning. I used to say smoking was my only addiction, where in fact perfume is another one. And since I do not smoke, I gained weight and I am now on WW, I “absolutely had to” treat myself somehow: so I purchased a new perfume, and used it today.


Of course I smelled it before, but today, while driving, I felt overwhelmed by the sense of pride that I no longer tarnish the air around me, my clothes, my car, my hair, my body.

I was so proud to be an EX, prouder maybe than any other time before today.


So for all of us, newbies or not, being an EX is such a huge accomplishment, that all the cravings in the world should not move our resolve: being an EX, staying an EX!


PS I will look at my new avatar pic forever, the little smile appeared on my face while being proud to be an EX!!!


My Journey Continues

Posted by tjanddj May 11, 2017

Despite the loneliness I feel without my husband beside me, despite the great sadness the sorrow I have watching my son suffering both physically and emotionally with his brain cancer, I remain committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I could not mentally or physically do what I need to do now if I had not followed through on my commitment. I used to have physical pain before I started on my health journey and now I am free of pain. I used to spend my time smoking or worried about when I could sneak in that next cigarette. Now I can spend my time with others and be both physically and mentally where I need to be and that is with them not off smoking or thinking about that smoke.  

I am on a self discovery journey now. What a deep down heart and mind journey. That journey hits every emotion possible and it is beautiful journey despite all the tears and sadness that happens along the way. I did find another way of deal with my sadness. I don't know how to draw or paint but I got this nagging thoughts to just paint things that happen in the bible with colors and patterns no picture required and that is what I have been doing and what a peaceful feeling it brings me. These pictures mean absolutely nothing to no but me - oh and I guess God knows too but it works for me. I even put them in frames and have them displayed around my house.

Widow - I don't like this word. It doesn't seem to embrace the beautiful years we had together, the deep sorrow that is felt when he died nor the beauty of him being in the presence of the Lord now. I don't know why I wrote that here but felt like writing it so I did.

Matthew is doing ok on his new chemo treatment not as sick as he was with his other chemo treatment. He is having a lot of short term memory loss. The doctor thinks it might be from the results of the radiation he had several months ago rather then from the tumor itself. He may have to add in another treatment that will stop the blood flow to the tumor if it ends up being from the tumor. The doctor increase his steroid to see if that helps if not then he will add in the other.


I hope soon to be able to check in more often but sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed with it all and just need quiet time. May everyone find the joy in their quit journey!  



Oh Hello Round 2 Seasons

Posted by shashort May 9, 2017

Today we finally had 70 degrees and sunshine oh happy for sun. Today was one of very few days I could go out on my balcony to sit and enjoy the weather.  So sitting back and relaxing with glass of iced tea feeling the heat from the sun and then pooh darn Nico dude decided to visit out of clear blue. Yes nudging me and reminding me how I always smoked out here while relaxing.  I just responded with NOPE and don't do that anymore. Then dawned on me that is probably seasonal trigger and dismissed the thought and started playing ball with the dogs.  Well I guess it would be considered seasonal even though I am not full year but is the 2nd Spring. Okay yeah sticking to my story it was seasonal but yay it didn't last long.   This journeycan throw lots of crazy twist and turns, ups and downs but know if you hang in there and stay strong it does get easier. Just believe it from the one who struggled in the beginning and never thought I would say this would get easier but by  using NOPE! SINAO! , I don't do that anymore and the famous NADO will get you to success. Together strong we can get through it. So if I can do this and I am at 361 days of freedom you can dothis quit thing too.


 Spring is a time that always reminds me of my quit. There’s so much in common with the spring and a quit. When spring comes, the landscape completely changes. The tearing down of things in the winter is the beginning of new life the following spring.


And so, spring reminds me of a quit because it’s a new beginning. A new cycle in the life of the planet. Sure, there are thunderclouds but there’s also the rainbow deep inside of that cloud, if we choose to see it. There’s a warmth that just permeates everything, thawing us from the cold winter.


In a quit, we have to kind of tear down the world as we know it in order to rebuild for the new and renewed life that we’re trying to create. We have to be willing to take the time to create this new world through our resolve.


In the end, we’re creating a kind of harmony within ourselves that will eventually carry us through to the freedom that we long for so much. Still, there’s always the thunderstorm on the horizon, keeping us wondering what’s on the other side.


At times we have days where we’re really in the midst of that mighty thunderstorm, with it seemingly crashing all around us and with the wind that pummels us, trying to get us to change course. This is the time to look for the rainbow, though it may be hard to see. Even if we can’t see it, we have to know that it’s there in order to get through to the other side.


And eventually, we really can see the light through the clouds. The kalidiscope of colors that help us to understand that very soon, things will be calmer. That very soon, we’ll be on the other side of the thundercloud. That very soon, we’ll walk into that new world that we worked so hard to create. The changed world. The one that is so bright and peaceful.


Stay on the path my friends. Never let the thundercloud get you. Rather, try to see what’s on the other side, where the freedom lies. No matter how strong the thundercloud, there is another side of it. I can’t wait to see you there!!





When we quit, we choose to walk a seemingly long path to our destination. Along the way we encounter many things, both wonderful and downright scary. We learn what it means to be an addict and that we really don’t have to be an addict. It’s a choice that we make like everything else in life.


And at times on the path, we may wonder why we chose the path we’re on. We wonder how our minds could choose to be addicted. But the facts are still the same, no matter what we do. Creating an addiction actually takes a bit of work. After all, we weren’t born addicted. We spend a lot of time justifying our addiction and building the wall that must be shattered before we can actually even think of quitting.


When quitting, we have to be willing to deal with the hardship and the reality that it’s easy to become an addict. The hard part is learning freedom from addiction. And so when we quit, there seems to be two options to dealing with it. One option is to see all the wonderful things we’re doing for ourselves. The other is anger that we have to quit in the first place.


For me, I took the more positive road. Sure, I had days that were downright horrible, but I still always managed to cling to the positive of what I was doing. I managed to kind of push away the feelings of loss and that my life was changing.


When one is angry about having to quit, it creates a whole different quit experience, I think. Rather than looking to the positive aspects of what we’re doing, we see all the negative instead and this can lead to us feeling like a victim. In a way we are a victim, but the thing is, it was our own minds that victimised ourselves.


But the thing is, if you see the quit as some burden that has to be completed and every time you begin a new day you tend to wake up angry, and you simply give the addiction more power to mess with you. This is when the mind becomes dangerous to itself. During those moments of unfocused anger that can hit us at almost any time.


When we’re angry about quitting, it becomes so much easier to give up on ourselves. And we all know the end result of that one.


So if you ever wake up angry during a quit, take a moment to change those brain patterns before you ever get out of bed. Think of the things you love rather than the day that you think you must face angrily. Think of the peace of the future. See yourself in your mind’s eye happily going about life without smoking.


Believe in that future that awaits you. Force your mind to seek out the positive aspects rather than the negative. The mind tends to suck up positive like a sponge. If you can change your thinking first thing in the morning then the day that might have been filled with anger and urges becomes a calmer day filled with the light of life as we continue to cherish our own lives by quitting.


Happiness is indeed the end result of any quit, and even if we have to make ourselves see that, it’s time well spent. I look forward to the happiness that awaits each and every one of you so long as you can stick to the positive and cast away the negative.


Soon the positive becomes the habit so long as we take just a moment to tell ourselves what we really want. And then a quit becomes exciting rather than a burden and before long we reach that magical place called freedom!






Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 May 6, 2017

(Wrote this earlier and forgot to post it. Oops!)


Just thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my world and update you an my wife, Chris. We saw the surgeon on Thursday and everything looked good. The staples were removed and physical therapy sessions set up for the coming month.


I’ll be helping with the therapy so that she doesn’t have to go to the clinic every day. Things are gradually getting back to normal, or should I say, our NEW normal and we’re settling in for the long term.


She’s still not sleeping very well, but a little more each night. Like a quit, the results for these things are gradual. On the upside, her left arm is getting quite strong because of the use! I told her she may in the end be one who uses both hands equally, like me.


For me it happened quite by accident because when I started finishing drywall, one tends to have to reach a lot. One day I realized that I was using both arms equally, without even thinking about it. This might happen with her as well. Who knows?


But anyway, everything is looking up so far. Just a matter of time at this point.


I hope you all have a wonderful, smoke free day! I know I will. I’ll be working in the garden today as we’ve finally had a string of great weather.






In the mind of an addict

Posted by ShawnP Champion May 6, 2017

I must confess. I smoked!!! That whole day I was feeling nervous anxious. Everything was annoying me. It's been so busy lately and the stress was high. I couldn't wait for Virginia beach to come soon enough for me to get some needed relaxation. I stepped outside last night for some air and  a group of my co workers were outside and they all lit up. The one man asked me if i smoke and i said no that i quit 5 yrs ago. He said, "you don't smoke? oh come on, one won't hurt you". Before I could even think, i accepted the cigarette that he handed me and smoked it!!! After work, I ended up stopping at the gas station and buying a pack. After smoking 2 more, i realized what i had done. I LOST MY PRECIOUS 5 YEARS! I feel so horrible. I know that i have let down all of you, especially myself. After all those years of preaching, to call upon someone or the site to help you through a craving, i didn't! I didn't even have one, i just did it without thinking! A force of habit from the years that i smoked. When i woke up, i realized it was just a dream, a smokemare and i thanked God that it really didn't happen. It goes to show you how this addiction can have a hold on you, when you least expect it. There are no excuses to losing a quit. Not one. We must always be vigilant in our quits. 



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 May 5, 2017

So many of us when we quit, actually feel like we lost an old friend. That quitting has taken this and so many other things away from us. As if we could never again see the same view that we always enjoyed without that cigarette. That the wonderful morning cup of coffee won’t be the same without the old friend to keep us company. That we no longer have the same confidence in ourselves without the cigarette and oh yes, how can we do anything without the standard reward of smoking? It’s almost as if  life has lost all of it’s meaning and everything is just so darn irritating!


Yes, the beginning of the path can feel like a loss rather than a gain, if we let it. The mind begins questioning. It begins wondering what has changed even as the nicotine receptors scream in agony from the loss of its fix. We have an actual physical reaction to deal with as the mind continually tries to figure out what’s wrong!


I think really, only a nicotine addict could truly understand what I was just mentioning. Those who have never been addicted wonder why the addict doesn’t just stop, and why we find it so hard to quit smoking. I mean, all we have to do is not make the choice to do it. Right?


Wrong! When one is strongly addicted, there is no “just keep it away from your face” because there is so much more involved in a successful quit. Time must be spent learning how to quit, even as we continue to feed the addiction. And we must have a solid plan in place when we do quit.


A plan to defeat all of the things our addictions will throw at us. But take heart! Quitting really isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s the beginning of a brand new world! The loss that we feel is really caused by change, and the fear of it.


The addiction becomes so intertwined with the rest of our lives that we don’t want to face a change to it, simply because it’s inconvenient. One by one, we have to rip the tentacles of addiction out of ourselves, and the only way to do that is to accept the change that we decided to create when we chose to quit.


Once we have acceptance the rest of the experience is just learning the new world that we forced ourselves into, without reacting the same way we used to. By smoking.


The reality that’s so hard to see at first is that we’re not losing a thing, but we’re gaining everything! Never believe that change isn’t worth it! Never think that change is impossible because then you become a barrier to yourself!


Life is such a noble cause to fight for, and when we quit that’s exactly what we’re doing. Fighting for a better life. An improved life. A life that feels rewarding rather than confining. A life that brings confidence rather than sadness. A life where we can start to believe there really is a future out there! One that is going to be so wonderful because of the freedom!!


There’s a peace waiting at the end of this long journey that you haven’t felt in a long, long time. A peace that’s filled with the light of achievement! It’s filled with the wonders of freedom. And with a belief that no matter what, we will be free! No matter what, we will find the rainbow that lives in the thundercloud.


In the end, we become more and more aware of the inner working of our addictions, and that there is a new world that was always there. We just couldn’t see through the cloud of addiction. A world where “just keep it away from your face” actually works. A world that is so much happier than the world of an addict. A world that belongs to you so long as you take that first step and keep true to yourself.


I long to see each and every one of you on the other side of addiction. Why? Because it’s such a wonderful place that those that have found it after their own long struggles want everyone to experience it. To feel it. To know it as a new life that all started on that first day when we put out that first cigarette . . . .







Posted by philly33 May 4, 2017

Hello,Everyone is there anybody that can tell me what are some symptoms of lung cancer?am having some pain in my back when I breath.



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 May 3, 2017

Hey all! Thought I’d update the latest with my wife. As we finish our first week, we’ve found it to be a week of firsts, and now that we’ve learned how to do what is necessary and learned what she can and cannot do with one arm, it’ll simply become our new routine.


Her pain has subsided to the point that she no longer takes the pain pills, though there is still some pain. But, that’s just the way she is. She doesn’t like the other effects of pain pills and as such, she won’t take them unless the pain is extreme.


I’ve learned so many new things along the way. How to cook a meatloaf. How to write a check. How to wash her hair, how to braid her hair and the list goes on and on! Makes one realize what a team we are! Tomorrow will be her first visit to the surgeon. I think the plan is to remove the staples and put in dissolvable ones in their place if needed. She may need a pain pill after all that!


We’re hoping the repair has gone well and that the surgeon will get her set up with the therapy that will be in her future for several months. She’s anxious to move on to the next step, even though she knows it’ll probably be painful at first.


I keep playing the balancing act between holding her back on some things while allowing her to learn how to do the things she thinks she can with one arm. I keep telling her that her job is to heal. That it may be a boring job, because it all happens inside but it’s a very important job nonetheless!


Still having a hard time sleeping, but all in all her spirits are up and in fact, I’ll probably take her with me when I get off work and run the errands today. She really wants to get outside for a bit! I can’t blame her. It’s been just cold enough here that we can’t open the windows, though that is going to change for the next few days.


Anyway, have a wonderful smoke free day and be sure to keep your eyes on the prize of freedom! It’s just waiting for you so long as you stay on the path!!





Ask, Listen

We Don't Want You

Missing In Action.

Sometimes during a quit, there can be such confusion. The addict within won’t leave us alone and the endless drama of talking to ourselves becomes almost too much to take. The addiction seems to be slowly wearing us down with the constant babbling in the back of our minds. And sometimes by accident, we grab hold of some of these thoughts and start listening, making things even worse.


These are the times to look first in our past and then to our future. When we finally took the plunge to quit, at least in my case, there were countless reasons to go ahead and do it. I mean, no way would I have subjected myself to the countless days of discomfort had I not had very valid reasons to do it.


Most of these reasons came from my heart. I had a strong desire to live as many years as possible with this wonderful wife that I have. I wanted to see my children grow and perhaps get to know the grandchildren but more than that was the image of me in my last days if I didn’t quit smoking.


I could see myself lying on a gurney, gasping for breath. And I could see my family around me. The fear, confusion and sadness in their eyes as they realize that they’re powerless to help me. I didn’t want to do that to them if I could help it. I didn’t want them to see me as I saw my father on his last days of life.


Sure, in the end something is going to get us, but in my heart I knew that if I didn’t do something about my addiction, there was a very sad fate in my future. A fate that affects not only me but my family as well. I knew that if I didn’t give up this horrible addiction that it wouldn’t be just me that suffered but so many others around me.


And then there was my own love of life. Of the seasons and the fun of gardening and camping and just being with nature. I knew that if I didn’t do something right then, that I could never forgive myself.


And then I looked forward to the future. There was a wonderful life there, and in my mind’s eye, I was so happy and content. My world was filled with light, love and health. My heart was completely content and beating with a kind of harmony that can only happen when an addict decides to destroy an addiction.


So when I put that last cigarette out, I could feel my heart soaring to the heavens, knowing that I’d made the right decision. And when those hard times came, I looked to the love that was all around me and realized that letting the addiction get the upper hand was to degrade that love. To make it seem meaningless.


I realized that yes, on those hard days, the key to unlock the addiction really is inside. It’s love that the addiction cannot fight. The love of ourselves as well as the love for others is what kept me going. What kept me focused on the prize of freedom.


Whenever things get tough, take a moment to look inside, past the addiction to the noble cause that you’re now in. The cause of harmony. The cause of love. The cause of freedom! These are the thoughts that are hard to ignore. These are the thoughts that are more powerful than the addiction. These are the thoughts that only the heart can create. These are the thoughts of a winner!!





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