Positive thoughts and perhaps a prayer or two please

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 25, 2017

Tomorrow, my wife goes in for shoulder surgery. The actual surgery isn’t supposed to be too bad, (orthoscopic in nature) but the recovery is supposed to be kind of long. They of course will have to immobilize her arm for six weeks, other than during therapy.


She won’t be able to drive or do so many of the things she loves to do. My real hope is that she doesn’t overdo it when she starts to feel better. But anyway, just thought I’d drop a note to all you wonderful people about this in case I end up being a little scarce for a day or two.


I will find time to update everyone, and who knows I may end up with MORE time to hang around as I’m taking the rest of the week off to help her learn how to deal with an immobile arm. She’s a tough woman so I don’t worry too much about the pain she’ll be feeling. Actually, she’s been in a lot of pain for quite a while so perhaps this will seem better in the end.


Just as in a quit, we must first prepare and then hope that our preparations are the correct ones for the future. And it’s also much the same in that there will be a positive result after a bit of discomfort. There will be a bit of peace for her once the recovery is complete and she can again function as she always has.


I hate to relate this to smoking, but I think I relate everything to smoking! After all, my quit was the one thing that really changed my life. It’s the one thing that taught me that change is an incredibly wonderful thing. It’s the one thing that gave me confidence in myself and in my ability to achieve just about anything I want in life.


But the main thing it taught me was to always believe that no matter what, so long as we try, the future will be absolutely incredible!! Never, ever lose sight of the goal of freedom!