Pushing Through

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 22, 2017

Sometimes during the first weeks of a quit, we have to really search hard to find our resolve to continue. We begin to question if it’s all really worth it and the addiction continues to attack ruthlessly when we’re in this weakened state. These are the bad days of a quit. Days where we wonder if we’ll make it through.


We’ve all had these days and understand how those days feel. Although it can be hard, distraction can be key to winning on those days. Sometimes the mind gets stuck and needs a little kick to get it onto something else.


These are the times to remember why you’re quitting. To use those reasons to your advantage and to distract the mind with the positive world you’re now walking. I mean, as much as quitting seems negative when we’re doing it, if you can step outside of yourself and realize all of the positive you’re creating with your quit, then the mind will follow those thoughts.


The brain seems to always be hungry for the positive things in life. But it’s also hungry for the false pleasures that we’ve trained our minds are real pleasures. This is why we fight ourselves so much during a quit. The two things are so unalike and yet they’re all part of the life we choose to live when we quit.


Some people use the rubber band around the wrist as a reminder. Others come here and blog. I always used visualization. The main thing is that once we distract our minds from the discomfort that is a quit, we always feel better.


The worst thing we can do on these bad days is allow the thoughts of smoking remain in our minds because if we do, we give power to the addiction and risk failure.


So on those bad days, try to remember that the key is changing the current thought patterns. Look to the positive of a quit. Instead of cigarettes, think of the wonderful life without them. Show the mind that quitting is the only viable option. See yourself in the future, smiling and never even thinking about a cigarette because it doesn’t exist in that world that you’re creating. Feel the freedom that you know awaits you and that you get closer to with each passing day. Make freedom your mantra, thinking of that mantra throughout the day.


Every one of these days that you change the minds patterns teaches the mind what you really want and takes away more power from the addiction. And as the addiction becomes weaker, the feeling of freedom becomes stronger until one day you realize that you really have made it. That nothing can make you smoke so long as you remain true to yourself.


It’s worth the effort. There’s so much waiting for you if you can just get past those first hard weeks . . . .