Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 19, 2017

So often in a quit, we find ourselves thinking about the very thing that we long to give up. In fact, we can become almost obsessed about it! Even more so than when we smoked. When we smoked, we planned our lives around our addictions. But when we quit, there’s no way to plan what happens or when we might get a crave or face a trigger that perhaps we hadn’t yet thought about.


These things at times create a feeling of desperation because we don’t want to give in and yet our minds don’t quite grasp the new life that we’re trying to create. And so we feel almost desperate when it comes to keeping the quit safe.


I think when the craves are the worst that we all know when the addiction is starting to win. At times we can literally feel our quits slipping away. How one reacts during this time is important because it can make or break the quit.


Some simply give in while others do something to fight the addiction, and get through the hard moments. Each time we get through one of those rough patches in the quit, we become stronger. The hard part is surviving the first days when our addictions attack us, because we don’t yet have any experience with how our addictions attack us when we quit.


It’s those first times that make us lose the quit, if we don’t get through it and learn from it. We can make it together. The trick is to come here or somewhere with like minded people to help to get through those rough patches. The key is to change the minds current thinking in order to continue on to freedom.


So the next time one of those craves hits you. The next time you feel your quit slipping away, do whatever you can to distract the mind from its current thinking. Don’t be afraid to let those that support you know that you’re struggling. Sometimes we need the power of the many to overcome the addicted mind.


There’s a new life out there waiting for you. It takes a bit of a struggle to get there but once you do, you’ll never want to live any other way. The power of freedom is so much stronger than the power of the addiction, but it takes time to get there. Don’t ever give in because of temporary discomfort. Life is to precious to throw away.


Look to the future and before long you’ll be living that future. All it takes is the will to get past those first days of desperation. All it takes is a burning desire to see a brighter future. All it takes is a belief in the fact that you will win this war and find that freedom that could only be dreamed of at first.