Blog Post created by pongaselo on Apr 18, 2017

Its odd but I quit when I got married, Smoke Enders. back around 1980 for 20 years. Triggers were not well addressed.  The tool that they recommended was the attention span thing. Simple and very effective. Don't honor those learned (brainwashed) associations that led to lighting up one more coffin nail with an argument. Just put it aside for 10 minutes and you will move on to the next thing. Simple and effective.  

  This time I started the weaning myself off nicotine thing and got disgusted with how big a deal I was making it.  Then I read a bunch of Mr. Carr's book and finding someone who agreed with me really revved me  up. I had been doing the drudgery with diligence and it was makework if you know what I mean. I was dancing with the devil in my mind, examining these motivations, picking them apart and exhausting myself with this mental chess game. Don't get me wrong, dispelling rumors about the character of nicotine addiction and why you really light up is very important. If you are really going to quit, you need to know why and what to do.  I guess my point is, once you have conquered the beast intellectually, honoring the triggers may not be as useful as putting the urge aside for ten minutes or so and getting on with your life.  Sorry but drama is me. OBSESSING OVER THE MAJESTICALLY POWERFUL TRIGGERS is a bad use of our time and actually might reinforce the exact behaviors that we desperately need to put behind us.   Just my morning thought.