An Update

Blog Post created by smorgy8513 on Apr 10, 2017

Some have asked me about my decision to move to New Mexico following my trip there last week.     This is the 2nd time I've been out there and I do love the mountains, desert and weather.     I toured a 55+ community this last week and it was great.   I know that my cancer dr will transfer me to a dr out there and the cancer center out there is said to be very good.

But there is something that is telling me that now is not the time.    Family and friends are happy with this and I'm feeling ok with my decision at this time.       If I decide to move in a year or 2 I can do it then.

So, someone remind me when the weather turns cold, when snow is up to the bottom of my butt that I made this decision!!!!

Any questions?   

Just don't tell me I'm being stupid!

BTW.....had scan today and I'll get results from my cancer dr this Weds.    Prayers please that it goes well!