DAY 13

Blog Post created by Lady86 on Apr 4, 2017

Morning all. I haven't been on here much, haven't really known what to say. Since Friday I have felt calm and at peace. The craving comes and goes, definitely not as intense or frequent anymore. Last week was a learning process for sure. I had to learn how to cope, deal and handle frustration, stress and emotions in a different manner.  I learnt more triggers I hadn't prepared for and now feel more confident should they arise again.  I take break at the non smoking outside areas at work. My hair and my hands smell amazing, I can smell things that I probably couldn't smell as well when I was a heavy smoker ex. Fresh spring rain the other day and BBQ food. I'd be lying if I said it's been or will be easy, but it does get easier. I find as each day of freedom passes, it's easier to turn my back on my old toxic fake "friend".  Hope all is well with whoever reads this. It's a struggle but it's one worth going through. One day at a time, education and support will help you. 

Say N.O.P.E (not one puff ever) today and for all days to come. 

Melissa ☺