Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Mar 31, 2017

I'M SITTING HERE WONDERING WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT???IT'S Been awhile since i was here so sat down to type and my mind went blank now here thinking what am i going to type?.......One thing i want to do is SHOUT OUT 195 DAYS SMOKE FREE HERE....And it sure feels good to be smoke free!!   AND YOU know what? ITS DOABLE..... yep i can say that because i did it and i know you can do it to.... Can't say it was always easy, had some hard days where the urge was strong.... but with all the ideas and things to read that the Elders gave me to read i had the extra support to get through them harder times with help and i know i'm going to get through the rest of the year because it makes me feel really good to know that i can be  smoke if we need HELP we can get that help from the Elders they are here to Help 24 hours so follow me and we will all be smoke free together...YES WE CAN DO IT!!