It begins with a thought

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Mar 22, 2017

Remember when the thought first entered your mind that you were going to quit? Do you remember what that thought was? For me, it was a multitude of thoughts. I mean, I was coughing for sometimes hours every morning and then it hit me. Now give me a little credit here. After all, I am an addict.


But my first thought of quitting came as my body warned me that I might not have much of a future if I didn’t do something about the cough. At last I managed to face a reality that was always there. I finally accepted that the best thing I could do for this cough was to quit smoking cigarettes! What a genius I was!


Then came the truly motivating thoughts. The ones where I started perceiving my future with and without cigarettes. In the end, I chose a life without cigarettes.


But the thing that amazed me was that I could ignore such an obvious symptom of smoking for so long. It taught me before I ever started prepping just how powerful this smoking addiction was. That’s why I took my prep so serious. I’d already realized that the enemy within was a formidable enemy, and that this enemy didn’t have my own best interests at heart. Actually, an enemy never does.


 So I spent a week thinking about quitting. Thing is, it took me that whole week to even believe that I really could quit, even as I coughed away. After a week, my mind finally accepted that yes, there was a quit attempt in my future.


And so in the beginning I realized the madness that was my addiction. I mention this for a reason. For all of the positive that was my quit, in the beginning I was just like you. Six years ago, I was the one first stepping onto the path of freedom. I was the one feeling cautiously optimistic, even as I feared the day of my quit, almost right up until I put out that last cigarette.


But when I did put out that last cigarette, the fear was gone! And what came next was expected because I’d prepped long and hard, determined to give myself the best foundation possible for my quit.


The first morning of my quit, I got up and slapped the old patch on. I wasn’t smiling but I wasn’t sad either. During my prep, I had cut down to five cigarettes a day and I remember being surprised at how strong the patches were, but I didn’t care. I’d chosen my path and my vision was filled with the future rather than my current discomfort. I would stick to my quit plan no matter what.


And this time I really did stick to that plan, making it my forever quit. It’s within all of us to find the key to our addictions. It’s within all of us to win a war with ourselves that can be nothing but wonderful!


There’s so much ahead of you, so long as you can scratch and fight through those first hard days. I can’t wait for all of you to see the wonders of freedom. To feel the pride in taking your life back, even if it’s only from ourselves.


I want you to feel the peace that comes when you finally make it to the rainbow. The prize that is peace and freedom.


It’s all there waiting for you if you can take that first step. Those first steps may be hard but they are steps to a bright and shiny future. Go for it! You know you deserve it and want it as much as I did so long ago when I took that first step. . . . .