Sunday Blessings ♡

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Mar 19, 2017

I finally got a decent nights sleep last night yay! I'll get hubby to pick up our oldest Grandson Adam around 9 o'clock then later on this afternoon we'll get Mason our youngest Grandson for the next couple of nights and hubby will take him to school for me and we'll get a hug from our Granddaughter Emma today, they're all growing way too fast but thankfully we get to enjoy them plus since quitting smoking we don't smell like a stinky old ashtray anymore. I really hope that each of you reading this will have the best day possible and if any of you are struggling please take a deep breath, chin up, hang on tight and keep moving forward and stacking up those precious smoke free days because it really is going to get easier and easier as time goes on but unfortunately you must go through the ups and downs of withdrawals and mood swings and whatever else first but you will get to that good place in your quit but in the meantime keep your mind as well as your hands occupied and continue to believe in yourself, stay willing, determined and totally committed to succeed and you can and will be successful one precious smoke free day at a time, I can tell you from EXperience that as long as you hang tough that life does get better and better without the crutch and it's wonderful to be FREE to be able to go anywhere, anytime, whenever, wherever and however without wondering where to sneak off to suck on a disgusting cancer stick!

Marilyn 979 DOF and counting!