200 wonderful days

Blog Post created by carloprivitera on Mar 19, 2017

Yes ... I made it to 200 days!

The first 100 days have been really tough and I went through them only because I had this wonderful community helping me every day ...

During the second 100 days I discovered that I needed some space. I needed to do not think about smoking and about cigarettes and totally relaxed my mind and so I took a long break from this website.


I'd like to come back as soon as possible to start helping others as most of you helped me.

Right now I'm stronger every day but not strong enough: a had some big crisis in the last weeks mainly because of physical and personal issues but I have been able to do not smoke and now I'm again really solid.


One day at the time and I'll be back here to give back all what I got ...


Thank you very much for these amazing 200 days!!!