Life happens whether we smoke or not!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Mar 18, 2017

We all have issues going on in our lives whether it's health, money, family problems or something else or all of the above, I used to think that a cigarette would help calm me down so I could figure out what to do but looking back now all I did was waste my time and money plus probably gave myself a headache because smoking doesn't help in any situation that we're in. Once I got some time under my belt with my quit a light bulb came on and I finally realized that there's life after cigarettes and I really loved the New Found Freedom so I started pushing Vigilance for all of us Exers because life without the crutch is awesome and I don't want any of us to become complacent and relapse during a weak moment so let's enjoy our Freedom while remaining vigilant and each evening we can smile because of another Day WON! N.O.P.E  -  Not One Puff Ever will give us a beautiful Smoke Free Life because going backwards to another Day One would totally Suck Big Time ! God Forbid that anyone relapse but if it happens please take a deep breath and start your quit again and believe in yourself, be willing, determined and totally committed to succeed then you will be successful one Precious Smoke Free Day At A Time! We're all here for you and your Quit so let us know if you are having a rough patch so we can talk you through it because S. I.N.A.O - Smoking Is Not An Option!

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