Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Mar 18, 2017

When we quit, there are various reasons for quitting. I mentioned the other day that mine was love for myself and for others. But when we quit, we really do turn our world upside down. It’s really hard on those first days to feel any sense of peace. Of harmony within us.


I think it has a lot to do with the internal argument that begins in an addict’s head when they choose to beat their addiction. One part of our brain has to remain vigilant as the other side of our brain tries to get us to start our addiction again.


This is why I used visualization so much during my quit. It somehow helped to ease the feelings I was having or rather, give me the upper hand when the internal argument seemed so annoying!


As an example, I created the perfect place to relax when I was feeling down. It’s a lake at the base of a huge snow capped mountain. There’s a huge pine tree on the shore with soft pine needles beneath it. The clouds are white and puffy as they flow along on the sweet smelling breeze that caresses my face. I walk to the shore of the lake and sit on the soft grass on the shore, and I dip my feet into the cool, mountain fresh water. And there’s always a smile on my face.


If you can create a place of peace, it can serve as a distraction from the craves. The key is to create every minute detail, keeping the mind engaged in something comfortable rather than the reality that is our lives on those first hard days.


I saw Mt. Freedom. A tall, formidable mountain that signified my journey. I saw myself climbing this mountain for months, always looking to the summit. Longing to be on that summit, for the summit signified my freedom from addiction.


I carried the addict within up the mountain with me, knowing that it’s always better to be with my enemy so it doesn’t sneak up on me. When the addict within tried to get me to smoke, I could laugh at it and continue on my climb to the summit.


After a few days, I could turn around and see how far I’d gone on the journey of life. And I could look ahead to the perils that exist in the future. The snow and boulder fields that must be traversed signifying the dangers that could exist along the way.


My visions were always improving as I continued my journey. These mental exercises were good for me because they channeled my mind into the positive even while my world seemed so hard. It helped me to keep the mind, body and soul in agreement on the one thing that I needed. To reach that summit and proudly wave the banner of freedom high over my head!


It was an incredible journey to say the least. This is something that helped me along the way in my journey for freedom. Perhaps it’s something you can use or perhaps not but I thought I’d offer this little thing to you for those who might find a little peace from trying it.


There are as many ways to quit as there are people. We’re all different and so are our quits. The main thing is that we do find some means to find harmony. No matter how you do it, I hope you find yours even in the midst of those long, hard first days of a quit. . .