Please do not get mad.

Blog Post created by John10forteen on Feb 23, 2017

Hello Everyone.

Are you on the right side of the tracks? Isn't that an old adage, "they're from the wrong side of the tracks" 


I am 861 days clean, smokefree, confident, understanding, thankful.... ALL because of the dialogue I was exposed to 861 days ago. "You can do it" / "NOPE" / "Ride the wave" / "You're doing great" / "Where are you? haven't seen you for a while"/ and on and on and on... All strangers turned into friends. People taking their time to help me. I vowed to repay that kindness because I tried quitting smoking 100+ times before my friends here, supported me, until I was strong enough to enjoy my freedom. I have been waiting patiently for this new platform to be presented and now it's here and so I am here also to keep my promise to myself. To help. 


I ask again... Are you on the right side of the tracks? I'm talking about the home page. Do you want to be popular, always having your content forefront, being first all the time because you have a popular page. Is it cool that every time someone say's hi to you, you go to the top of the line, the front of the class as they say..... pushing the needy, less popular and the lost further down the page until they are out of sight. (Please don't get mad, I'm just starting to understand how it's working)


On the home page, there are two columns (two sides of the track) The RIGHT side,(discussions/questions/etc) where the more popular you are the more slots you will fill. 

The LEFT side,(blogs) of the tracks is where the steadfast reside. Say your piece and get on with your day so someone else can be at the top of the page.


I'm just sharing what I learned yesterday regarding how the postings get prioritized. The LEFT side (blogs only) are posted in the order of when they were actually written, they do not move up in priority as comments and replies are made. The RIGHT side (everything else.. Not blogs) is prioritized by whomever writes the last reply or comment to the original post. The reason I think this is so important to understand is because as individuals of success we must save the most valuable forefront spaces for the most needful and also for the most beneficial content. 


There are awesome benefits to both side of the tracks, Understanding the dynamics is what I'm trying to share and learn too.