Am I Bi-Polar?

Blog Post created by Pao777 on Feb 19, 2017

One second I'm crying; then next excited; next I'm angry; next I'm exercising; next I'm eating; next reading; now blogging. What in the world is happening to me. I realize I have a problem with depression and I'm so scared it will turn into a Bi-Polar disorder. Of course I will talk to my doctor about it but blogging seems to really help. Oh my gosh, now I don't want to blog. It's almost funny. Almost.

So far today I did my exercise routine, got angry about 4 times, rode my bike around the university (near my home), cooked breakfast for my family, ate, and studied Spanish. Oh yea, my constitution is no longer 'behind' schedule - no pun intended.

My poor family! It's got to be as hard on them as it is on me. I think everything is intensified by not smoking. All the things that didn't or slightly bothered me are grating on my last half nerve I have left. Once in a while I feel a stingy-itchy feel on my head, arms, neck, or upper back. I think it's my new anti-depression medication - whatever it is it's driving me crazy. I have so many questions for my doctor tomorrow. I hope he calls me back on Monday instead of waiting until Tuesday.

I'm having a hard time focusing on anything for very long - I long for clarity and know it will come soon. When I feel this way it is impossible to see light at the end, but I have faith that it IS there!

Sorry my blogs are so uninteresting and whiny, it's all I got right now.