Jack in the Box

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Just a little something I wrote back almost a year ago.  Seems like we all start off at the same jumping off point, don't we?  ........

Are we the Type A personality?

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Now that I don't have a cigarette in my hand, I've realized how tightly wrapped I am.  Read a post on here a while back that said us smokers never have patience for anything, we want it and and we want it now; we want it to happen and happen right now.  How very true that is.  The whole relearning concept is enlightening.  

Back when I was in the "workforce," actually going to a workplace all day (I'm self-employed now), I used smoking as relaxation ever since I was 16 years old.  Smoking on breaks, lunch, when getting off of work.  When I was in the "cutting back" phase, I was still using it that way and it was no wonder why that approach never worked.  I was still using it as relaxation.  Coffee was never my trigger.  I think that was the only one on that list that wasn't.  I used smoking for frustration, anger, relief, sadness, relaxation, boredom.  Okay, life in general.

Now that I have to relearn everything again, I deep breathe, rationalize, talk myself through it, think of why is this popping up.  Read a post on here yesterday actually about a young woman not being able to identify and replace any of those triggers.  My first thought was just think of it as relearning how to walk.  It's something we do unconsciously.  But when we're unable to, we have to think about it to relearn it.  That's just where I am right now at this minute........ baby steps, keep calm, keep going