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Blog Post created by tjanddj on Feb 15, 2017

One thing I know for sure of these past two years is that being smoke free was one of the best decision I made. It allowed me the freedom to be where I needed to be there with my loved ones holding their hand, crying with them. Spending precious last days with my husband. Watching him die was from the affects of smoking was absolutely horrible but my time with him in those last days were so important to me and I was there with him not out smoking.  Being able to share my fears, my angry and my tears without running out to have a smoke. Thank goodness I could grief really grief and not run and hide.

Matthew continues to live with his brain tumor the best he can. He did have another seizure just a couple of weeks ago.  After the CT scan was done which showed no change from last MRI and 3 hours of observation at the hospital he was able to go home. 

Matthew had been for the past several weeks doing scans and other getting other test done. Finally all result in. We had an appointment with his oncology neurologist yesterday to discuss the results. One of the tumors is decreasing in size the other is slightly larger and he has a small new growth tumor growth. Several options discussed and Matthew choose to go through another course of chemo using a different drug. Next week we will discuss the treatment plan with his chemo doctor and get that going.

Thank you all for the prayers, please keep them coming. God has been a great comfort and still is for me during this time.

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