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Day 15

Posted by hattonc Mar 24, 2019

Good Morning..

Day 15 here.. didn’t sleep well at all last night and when I finally fell asleep I had a dream that I was smoking and woke up feeling so sad.. Thank God it was a dream .. hope everyone has a good day..


Day 97 for real

Posted by DonnaMarie Mar 24, 2019

I' giving in and counting completed days daggumit!



EX says 97, so it is 97, My quit app is all screwed up and says 96. I'll go with the EX days.


Smoked like a fiend in my dream last night.  In the dream, I knew I was busting a long and precious quit, but kept telling myself I could quit again.  Oddly, I felt bad about smoking and cried when i bought a pack. i  woke up and was relieved to realize it wasn't real.


No big plans today. Maybe a walk. Such excitement.



Day 97


Day 14

Posted by hattonc Mar 23, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Day 14 here.. I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far..I spent the morning with one of my granddaughters, took her to the doctor.. ear infection . I’m just glad there’s no flu or RSV.. my other granddaughter just got home yesterday evening from being in the hospital overnight with RSV... I’m telling you these past few weeks have been very trying for me and my family but we are doing better.. so I’ve been feeling some little tugs here and there and I hate admitting that because I feel like it shows weakness... and just feeling like I’ve lost something but I know what it is .. I just keep busy cause I’m happy that I don’t smoke .. I thank God this website exists.. Thank you. 

I am 1 day off from EX's official quit number because I count the current day as well as days completed,  It IS my 97th quit day, but I have completed 96 day of sobriety.  I'm going to change over to completed days so I match EX and my quit meter.


More later


Day 13

Posted by hattonc Mar 22, 2019

Good Morning.. 

Hoping today will be a better day .. going back to the dr myself .. congestion coming back ..praying we all get better soon .. hope everyone has a great day... 


Day 96

Posted by DonnaMarie Mar 22, 2019

I have run out of prepared images with the number of quit days on them.  I started collecting quit smoking clipart and adding numbers in December. My plan was to use artwork to mark the days and made 95 edited images. Now, I'm out! I never imagined that I'd use them all. I'm not making more with numbers on them. I'll still keep track, but feel almost giddy about graduating to numberless images!


Sleep is still goofy with the sling, but not worrying about that. I'll get back to sleeping in the bed when I get back to it. No deep shoulder pain this morning. I had planned cutting back on the pain meds tomorrow, and it looks like that will happen! 


It is supposed to be nice weather-wise today.  I might even see a short stroll in my future!



Day 96


Day 12

Posted by hattonc Mar 21, 2019

Good evening..

its been a long and stressful day.. took my granddaughter to the Dr this morning and they ended up putting her in the hospital.. she will be 6mths old on the 28th of this month .. she has RSV and just sounds terrible.. but she’s eating good so they just want to keep her and see how she does tonight.. hopefully it will start clearing up .. still no caving in to the cigs for me.. I want to breathe... I’m trying to get my daughter to quit smoking .. my other daughter is an RN and was telling me about a patient she had last night with COPD and flu. She smoked 3 pks a day ..she’s not doing well at all..when I hear this kind of stuff it terrifies me.. I’m glad I can come here to vent .. 


Day 95 and ouch

Posted by DonnaMarie Mar 21, 2019

It is day 95 of no smoking! I no longer have the full weight of a monkey on my back (or a cig as in the clipart), and it feels good.


The nerve block was pretty much worn off when I got up to pee more IV fluids out, and my shoulder came alive. It is not nearly bad as I thought! Its like a big cranky ache with occasional real pain. Both the hospital and the physician called to check on me. That little touch of niceness is so appreciated. 


Now I hang out, take meds if I need to. and probably take a wee nap later.  


Happy almost Friday!



Day 95


Day 94 & surgery

Posted by DonnaMarie Mar 20, 2019

one handed typing, but I made it! Day 94 is almost done and surgery is done with no complications.


Thanks for all the kind thoughts  See you tomorrow.



Day 94


Ice pack and pain eds, and Cheezitz



Day 11

Posted by hattonc Mar 20, 2019

Good Morning.

Day 11.. hope everyone has a good day . Have a lot to do today .. I’ve tried uploading a photo not sure what I’m doing wrong .. maybe someone could walk me through if possible.. please and thank you 


Day 93 and stuff

Posted by DonnaMarie Mar 19, 2019

Yep, this is me. Just a bit of a scaredy cat. I know I'll be fine and I know all will go well, but the human inside of me (I know, I am not really superhuman! Shocking.) is feeling like a little kid about to go to the dentist or the principal's office. You know, that feeling. 


The surgery tomorrow is a re-do of the incomplete job I had done in August, but this time, there's immobility involved for a pretty good while, and I truly do feel like I'm in the dark as to what comes next. I've prepped as best I can with food, laundry, rearranging furniture in the living room so I can sleep in the recliner and work at a desk, put away the sewing machine for a while, and untold number of other stuff around the house. Argh. 


I went to the grocery store earlier to pick up some last minute things and was really, really in the danger zone as far as smoking goes. I haven't been anxious in a while and didn't realize what a trigger it is. I dreamed of smoking last night, which is not that unusual, but the desire to smoke today was really strong. I'm home and in my safe zone now. Whew.


Here's hoping everyone is having a beautiful, smoke-free, easy breathing day. 



Day 93


Day 10

Posted by hattonc Mar 19, 2019

Good Morning everyone,

I hope all is well .. didn’t get a chance to post yesterday .. doin ok just taking it one day at a time granddaughter has RSV so I’ve been worried about her .. sometimes I wonder about these doctors today .. she’s had a terrible cough for a while and there just now doing something about it .. other than that .. I’m still dealing with the cough and congestion.. but I’m not smoking nor do I want to.. I want to be able to breathe instead .. I know it takes time to get all of this cleared up .. I want to run again and exercise .. well happy Tuesday ...

Yep, still not smoking! Working my 92nd day and feeling fine about it. 


In the meantime, my activity level is through the roof. LOL Vacations and surgeries send me into a few-day spin and now the sewing room is cleaned and organized, the kitchen is in order, and the last of the laundry is in the washer. I have a few more things that need to be done and a lot more things I want to do. I'm going to work the "need" list first and take it from there. Last night was a dinner that finished up all the leftovers in the frig. 


Am I the only one who gets this way? 


My sister has a back steroid injection today, so I'll be driving her to that in a bit. The injections seem to help. I can't imagine living with that much pain every day. I know a lot of people here do and I have in the past, and I feel for each and every one of you who hurt physically. 


The sun is shining and even though they're calling for rain this afternoon, I want to take advantage of the pretty weather for a little bit this morning, so that's exactly what I'm going to do right now.


Y'all have a beautiful day. Keep being smoke free!



Day 92



  My Crutch, My Friend

Posted by Mdye Mar 18, 2019

After discussing my strong desire to quit smoking once and for all  , my doctor convinced me to try chantix again after a bad reaction 10 years ago. My desire to quit over ruled  my fear of the side effects I had experienced prior.

I started the medication December 1st with the understanding I would be on it 3 months. Without reading all of the material I smoked the first month as I normally would and set a stop date for New Years day. Failing miserably. I didn't have a plan, I was not prepared, I was not ready or committed. I was expecting a magic pill.

At the start of January I was receiving texts messages for support, I am now on EX community, and smoking half of what I normally would. I found it easier to skip my morning cigarette and the cigarette after dinner. New stop date: February 1st.

There are three options in the chantix material, I went with the smoke half then smoke half again until you're down to zero cigarettes. February 1st... I still had 5 a day to go so I reset to March 1st.

Things are getting easier. I am reading more material on X community. I'm driving and not even thinking of smoking. I can fold laundry and run the vacuum without thinking of taking a break and smoking a cigarette. Walking outside to let the dog out without grabbing a lighter. Dealt with some strong triggers; extreme pain, family drama, sex. Smoked after my quit date. Received lots of help from the community. Wrote about my thoughts and my struggles.

I'm now in my 4th month and last month of chantix. I am NOT smoking now. People can smoke around me and it doesn't bother me but I still think about it. & I still have triggers to work through.

I worry about coming off of the chantix. Did I give myself a new crutch? I fear  the chantix is what is keeping me away from the cigarettes?! Did I trade one addiction for another? I know all the nicotine is out of my body. And it's only my mind that has the urge to smoke. I also know that I can breathe better today. I can't taste food, my sense of smell is stronger, my teeth are already starting to look better, my kids are proud of me and when it is raining and storming outside... I don't have to go stand out in the rain lol I like being a non smoker. An EX smoker. 

So in close, I will be coming off of chantix soon. I am nervous about being off of the chantix. I will let you know how things go.


9 days from 100!!!! I'm a nonsmoker, y'all.


I'm having some shoulder (rotator cuff) repair done on 3/20. That means today, I started doing laundry, cleaning my bedroom, finishing some undone sewing projects, and thinking about shopping for foods I can fix one-handed. I've been (excuse the bluntness!) practicing pulling up my pants after going potty with just one hand. Lawdamercy, I do not want to ask for help with that. Or any of the other personal care things we have to do for ourselves. Thankfully, it's my left shoulder and I'm right-handed, so I hope to not be too debilitated. I set up a desk in the living room to put the laptop on rather than trying to work with it on my lap. I understand I'll have free movement of my hand, just not the arm.


Other than trying to figure out what I'm doing for surgery, I came closer to finishing a couple of rocks I'm doing for two friends of my daughter's. Their mom died a couple years ago and Allison (my daughter) asked me to make a couple memory rocks. Here's the front of one and the back of the other. BTW, the cat's name is Seven and he was her price and joy. 


This rock is primarily decoupage as there's no way I can paint that gorgeous cat. I need to let everything dry (I had to repair some of the white base coat) and then seal them. After that, I'll let them dry and mail the to the sisters. It makes me feel good to make something that people can hold as a memory, ya know?


Now it's time to make dinner, finish watching the race, and do some work. Gotta get paid!



Day 91

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