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Every single smoker eventually quits smoking. Some quit smoking at the same time they quit breathing. Others of us have chosen to quit now. At whatever point in our lives we are, we chose to stop ingesting poison and not wait until we are dead. From the outside, this doesn’t seem like a difficult decision to make. For some of us (like me), the… (Show more)
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My reason was shortness of breath. I don't want to be gasping for Air. I don't want my Children or Grandchildren to see what I seen with my Mother. 
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Click to view contentLet's wish our very own JACKIE1-25-15 a super fantastic birthday.
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I can barely believe it is my 6 month anniversary.  This has been the hardest and best thing I have done for myself.  I still have my struggles but they are becoming fewer and less strong.  I want to thank you all for being there for me and never letting me give up on myself- I am so appreciative.  I am sure there are still challenges ahead but I… (Show more)
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Hi,     Happy Thursday!!  How’s it going?  Church was nice last night.  What are your plans for today?     As Allen Carr says, we are much better equipped to enjoy the good times!!  We are not only better for the bad times but for the good times too!!  Enjoy!!  Namaste          N.O. P. E. 
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It seems all I think on this day of MY non smoker life style is -  death of MY daughter -  MY husband - MYSELF- MY other daughter - I am getting all caught up in MY mind of what IF -  it's all emotions crushed together like a drink of self chaos created for NO reason - in MY mom heart that has said prayers and believes -  YET - WAITING on doctors… (Show more)
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Not much to say one month and it is still hard, however, this too shall pass.
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I'm still not smoking... Yay! I won't pretend it has been easy the past few days but I am still truckin along. I drove my smelly car for the first time a few days ago... Had to roll the windows down in the snow because the smell was so bad. They have these smelly bomb things you can set off in the car... Did that and now the pina colada smell is a… (Show more)
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Im Feeling sad and alone.  I am going back to Florida and I can’t bring my pets and it takes me awhile to get adjusted.  I also feel like crying and I have had a few cravings.  I know this is no mans land and I’ve been expecting it.  It’s just a bummer.
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Click to view contentHappy 5 year quit Anniversary (yesterday) to my dear friend Ellen. For all of you that know her I don’t have to tell you what a wonderful caring person she always is to everyone. She is strong, wise and kind. I wish my ear friend much health and happiness. Everyone has one person that really helped you with your quit. She was mine. Even with her… (Show more)
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