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I am now going into day 10 without a cigarette.  It feels like it is getting harder because I don’t feel much better.  I realize using NRT will prolong things.  Right now it’s hitting my digestion with a vengeance.  Don’t want to eat because I either feel too full or it’s painful races to the bathroom that don’t help.  I feel clumsy and the brain… (Show more)
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   Here's the rules...  When a newbie (non smoker with less than a year of smobriety) posts, they add +2 to the number...    When an Elder (non smoker with more than a year of smobreity) posts they add -1 to the number    You have to wait until someone else posts before you can post again      When either +20 or -20 is reached then that team wins… (Show more)
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i just want to vent and say how much i hate quitting!  I am feeling anxious and hyper. I am taking Chantix so that probably has something to do with it. I quite last Thursday night, had Friday off and the weekend as my first couple of days of quitting. It went pretty well. Today was first day back at work and that was ok. I was able to deal with… (Show more)
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Today is dec. 11th 2018- NOT- jan 6th02019- end of subject! WHEW -i am glad that i passed that FACT! This is MY test to pass -  just for TODAY-12-11-2018 - i am an over comer by living in this day by Gods grace and MY reality-FACT-not feeling-feelings come and go and are fickle-FACT- for ME-i cant make it jan 6th 2019-i got to WAIT! hmmmm-i am… (Show more)
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Need to quit. But kind of don't want to. What can I do
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Click to view contentLord, My husband and I have been put thru the ringer with medical tests.  His vertigo systems...  My scopes, biopsies,  xrays, now another low dose scan.. My lungs are a mess.  And yes, if I could get it passed my lungs I would sneak a dreaded killing, suffocating, cancerous stick of tobacco in my mouth.  I know better now, it is much to late… (Show more)
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I found this on my computer today--something I had saved twelve years ago during a previous quit attempt.  I don't know who wrote it, and I wish I had truly believed it back then.  It makes so much sense to me now.  It's long, but I hope it will help others on their journey to freedom. ----------------   THE TRANSITION FROM SMOKER TO NON-SMOKER…
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I read that the highest percentage of long term success is quitting cold. I'm not sure about that. What about using drugs, gum or vaping? I have smoked a long time and need some help. Thanks
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Hi all,     Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!  It’s still the beginning of the week!!!!!!  Today I plan on ordering a turkey breast for Christmas.  Market should soon open.       The nicotine monster is dead!!!!!!  We are free!!!!!  Don’t look back!!!!!  For years we were enslaved!!!!!  Now we are free!!!!!  Ex helped us out!!!!!  Namaste           N. O. P.… (Show more)
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Hi Fam, what is the most discouraging or weird question you have ever been asked on addiction?   I must confess that I am always judged about my addiction. The issue has been a nuisance and at some point I was even depressed as it is not anyone fault to be an addict. Everyone has their own side of the story on how they ended up being addicts. It… (Show more)
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