• Issue with Points: Post here!

    Please read: If you have an opinion about points, please don't post it here. You can post your opinion in (The Scoop on Jive Rewards: Badges, Points and Quests ) This post is only for reporting issues when points...
    last modified by Mark
  • Whats not to like?

    For some reason the past 2 days when I try to 'like' a post, it is hit or miss. It won't always let me and then it says I see it showing I have to log in again?   Any thoughts?
    last modified by Mandolinrain
  • Site

    I'm having trouble with this site.  It keeps saying that an error has occurred.  
    last modified by zaxa11
  • Site is in error

    I keep getting an error message when I try to post.  Am I not doing something right?
    last modified by zaxa11
  • Error occurring regularly on hover over

    Every time I hover over a member's name the past several days I've been seeing this     It's persisted.  So I'm contacting the admin.  It corrects itself if I do a second hover over, but it's oc...
    last modified by Giulia
  • Quit Stats Not Updating

    When I view my quit stats from within my profile they are not changing. It is as if I have not yet hit my quit date. I looked at the calendar and nothing is listed there either, not even my quit date which was Aug. 10...
    last modified by Marigene6266
  • Issues With Email Notifications

    Mark   Hi!. For some reason for the past 24 hours, I'm not receiving any email notifications for me from the Ex regarding updates on comments, etc,. or chances to do the daily pledge or shout my stats. Your hel...
    last modified by SuzyQ411
  • User name

    How do I change my user name?
    last modified by Lovemyself68
  • How do I get my quit date to show on the community?

    My quit date won't register. It was 12/25/17.
    last modified by AnnetteMM
  • LGBTQ+ Quitters

    I would love to start a group for quitters in the LGBTQ+ community. How would I go about doing that?   Thanks!
    last modified by SisBB
  • Changing email address in profile

    The @Mention isn't working for me to contact Mark and I want to change my email address in my profile.  I go to "Edit Profile" and I don't seem to have access to the email address field.  I will see if I can...
    last modified by Bonnie
  • Bonfire Suggestion

    The event might get more attention if it were a featured blog during that time frame.  It doesn't show up on the HOME PAGE unless you have it filtered for "recent activity."  Or perhaps it could be put up as...
    last modified by Giulia
  • How do I change profile picture?

    It's not petting me change my profile picture at all no matter what i do
    last modified by sarah_420

    (Re-posted in Blog Form)   AND THE ANSWER IS......   For those members who were familiar with the old platform and are adjusting to the new. I’m trying to gather as much information that can be put in ...
    last modified by Giulia
  • Helpful - who?

    Is there any way to find out who marked a response as "Helpful" when there are more than 1 on a given response?  E.g.   When you click on Helpful under outcomes (below), it only lists one person per respo...
    last modified by Giulia
  • Create a Stream to Follow a Tag

    Go to My EX Feed. Click + sign to create a new custom stream. Name the stream with the "tag" you are going to follow. (examples: prayer_circle or help) Type in the tag you would like to follow in the search box. ...
    last modified by Mark
  • Site Freezing and slow loading

    Forget uploading, etc.  Ex keeps freezing on me and says it's working...
    last modified by Barbscloud
  • Why do I have to login each time I visit the site?

    Why do I keep having to re log in . Any way that  I don't have to do that every time I come . Thanks . 
    last modified by Maki
  • Unable to Upload Photos?

    Anybody else having trouble uploading images?
    last modified by Giulia
  • Posting photos

    I am not able to upload a photo to my blog.  Not today nor yesterday, is there a reason?
    last modified by LarryG