• Site Freezing and slow loading

    Forget uploading, etc.  Ex keeps freezing on me and says it's working...
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  • Issue with Points: Post here!

    Please read: If you have an opinion about points, please don't post it here. You can post your opinion in (The Scoop on Jive Rewards: Badges, Points and Quests ) This post is only for reporting issues when points...
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  • 0 points Level 0

    It might be helpful when one hovers over someone's avatar to see something that represents the number of points and levels that they have earned other than 0 and 0.  Since points and levels (the 'gamification' th...
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  • LGBTQ+ Quitters

    I would love to start a group for quitters in the LGBTQ+ community. How would I go about doing that?   Thanks!
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    I am from the old Quitnet...  We had lots of Articles We Love to repost, such as “The Quit Kit” to help new quitters form a plan...   Does this website have such a plan?  Is there a place t...
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  • Video Upload Not Working

    I an unable to upload a video on this blog: Today is 11 years without smokes for me it feels so good  Instead of presenting the normal screen like the following where two sources are immediately available:...
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  • Jive Platform Instability

    I was just trying to give a new member information on how to send a private message.  And there are several ways to do that.  But none of them work consistently.  And that's a problem.  And it has ...
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  • Stupid Question Under the Circumstances

    The Jive platform seems to have become as unstable as our life platform.  Changing on a daily basis.   Just tried to "like" something.  Got this in reply with X through the thumbs up:    ...
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  • Is Anyone Interested in belonging to a No Man's Land Group?

    I have fielded my interest in belonging to a No Man's Land Group for those of us smokers who are in the at-risk period of approximately 30 days to 130 days of our quits. As I understand it, this is a time frame when m...
    created by SuzyQ411
  • How to Take the Daily Pledge

    You can get  to the Daily Pledge from the Home page (or from Celebrations & Events).     Then click on "Take the Daily Pledge"   On the next screen scroll down and click on the current month....
    created by Giulia
  • Quitting vaping and loosing weight

    Does anyone have any great food plan or diet? I’m trying to loose 20-30 pounds. I’m also wanting to quit smoking, I need advice to great through everyday without feeling like I’m feening. I just wann...
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  • On A Personal Note

    No quotes here and no inspiration and no motivation.  Just a few truths I need to get out there.  And please keep in mind that I speak only for myself and not the other elders or quitters or soon to be quitt...
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  • Opt out of auto signature?

    How can I opt out of the auto signature so I can participate in convos and just in general?
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  • How can last logged in date be in the future?

    So interesting, the avatar hover card is a day behind the person's actual date, yet the date on the log-in is a day ahead.     E.G.         EXCEPT WHEN IT'S NOT:     ...
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  • Trouble Publishing a Blog

    [EDITED:  NEVER MIND - GOT IT TO FINALLY WORK BY REFRESHING THE PAGE.]               I saved it first as a draft and when finished editing tried to publish.  Got the err...
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  • FYI nothing showing on home page hover over

    Just hovered over Donna's avatar and saw this:     It's happening on other's pages too.  No info, just a blank.  It also seems to come and go, like everything else at the moment on Jive on EX.&#...
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  • Unable to login to comment

    Unable to log in to share a comment
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  • Error occurring regularly on hover over

    Every time I hover over a member's name the past several days I've been seeing this     It's persisted.  So I'm contacting the admin.  It corrects itself if I do a second hover over, but it's oc...
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  • Oh those pesky points

    Now that all that data migration happened, it's disconcerting to start seeing my place slip sliding down the list as people I never heard of are getting thousands of points all of a sudden. All that hard work! *sigh* ...
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  • Funky View

      Then it took me to...     Then I clicked on inbox and it appeared like this....     It's corrected itself now back to normal, but just wanted to give you a head's up, Mark.
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