• Site is in error

    I keep getting an error message when I try to post.  Am I not doing something right?
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    (Re-posted in Blog Form)   AND THE ANSWER IS......   For those members who were familiar with the old platform and are adjusting to the new. I’m trying to gather as much information that can be put in ...
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  • How do I reduce the email notifications?

    Ok luvs u guys have been great. I needed some support to get me going and I did find it here. I got sick I have been slammed keeping myself busy the last 2-3 weeks. Well, talk about a craving, I got on my email which ...
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  • Photo

    I would like to add a face to my name could someone please tell me how to upload a photo.. Thsnks 
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  • Newest Blogs and Recent Active Blogs

    Mark  what's the difference?  Seem to have the same content.
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  • Help me find  . . .

    Hello all! I can't find today's Freedom Train blog by Pir8fan. Please tell me how and where to go. Thanks!      
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  • Problem with Reading Inbox Messages

    EXProductManager  - I can't send images by pm, thus this blog. Sorry! (I just get the battery shaped window with the moving bars that never quits when I try to add an image to a pm). When I try to read my inbox ...
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    How to keep up on all the blogs and conversations? i type so slow its hard for me to keep up on my comments. i would like to send a reply to a lot of you but well i'm not so good at it. So if i ever miss you forgive m...
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  • I THINK ALL THE Elders deserve a Badge

    I THINK ALL THE Elders deserve a Badge really more then one. You all are the best and Help us all so much!!!!I would give you all Badges but not so sure how to do that. A BIG SHOUT OUT THANK YOU ALL!!
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