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I had it and then I lost it...  I would like to update my profile.  How do I get there?
in Community Help
My profile name or picture? I would like to add my quit date with my profile name.   Also can I delete some of my old blogs?
in Community Help
I have seen a few posts from people who are trying to quit ZYN smokeless tobacco pouches, like I am trying to do.  How can I set up a group that is specific to ZYN??  And, is that even possible.  Thank you.
in Community Help
How can I get proof of enrollment? Need some for documents for my job.
in Community Help
Is there a way to put posts in date order or see them in date order? For example, when I first go to this group I see lots of discussion titles but no dates. I'd like to read the newest stuff first. Does anyone know how to do that? I will now go check settings or preferences, etc.; maybe that's what I am missing.    Thanks, Exes.
in Community Help
Will there be a 'gaming" system in the new platform we're moving to?  Will our point status be carried over?  If not, perhaps we should give away all our points right now to the wonderful quitters on this platform before it morphs.     And speaking of the new platform to come - I for one hate surprises.  And the only hints that have been given is… (Show more)
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