Independence day Bonfire is here!

Blog Post created by ShawnP Champion on Jul 3, 2020

Welcome! The bonfire is now starting. It will continue through Sunday night midnight 11:59 EST. Please stop in whenever you can. For those that aren't familiar with our bonfires, the fuel for the fire is your unsmoked cigarettes. It would be your days quit x how many cigarettes that you USED to smoke. You can find your days quit here... My quit plan   Also, here is a calculator that you can use. Just edit the numbers to yours. You can find other statistics as well. 


Our goal tonight is a standard of 1 million. We usually  dbl it. Our highest was 2,895,441. 


Feel free to post music, food or funny images. Please note that we do have to abide by "no copyright material". This site provides links to pics  . We are also having costumes. What can be more funnier than trying out different figures, animals etc? haha

Here are links that you can use....

1.  Face in hole

2.  Photo fun maker

3.  photofunny 


If you are mobile user, there are apps that you can use as well.


In case that you don't know how to post pics or videos, here are the tutorials







(if you don't see a friend here, message them. The more, the merrier!!


you can watch and listen here for relaxation.