The Bonfire is now beginning

Blog Post created by ShawnP Champion on May 19, 2018

Welcome!! I have started the fire. We need you to keep this fire burning! The fire will continue til Sunday midnight wherever you may live. This is how to calculate your fuel for the fire. It is your number of days that you are smoke free  multiplied by how many that you used to smoke per day. If you need additional help, contact me. If you don't want to keep getting notifications from this post, click on actions above and uncheck following.


We usually have a standard goal of 1 million but we have exceeded this number by at least double. Let's see what we can do!!!


Feel free to post music, food, funny images. Note that we do have to watch copyright on images. Here is how to search images that aren't copyrighted. Google search, type  ie. food. Then click on images, to the right , click on tools, user rights and you can choose anything BUT not filtered by license. 


In case you don't know how to post videos or images, here are the tutorials.

How to Put Pictures in Posts of All Kinds (Discussions, Questions, Blogs)Pictures



For those of you who want to hear the bonfire