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Greetings everyone....First and foremost thank you all for your congratulation messages for not smoking for 3 years.Smoking is definitely behind me now, I actually can't stand the smell of cigarettes. It took me several attempts to quit, but only 1 attempt when I signed on to BecomeAn That showed me a pathway on how to get rid of this awful habit once and for all. It's all about your mindset and determination to quit. Take it in steps. Read all the tips that you can and blog alot in the beginning to release all your frustrations and get feedback from the community. I counted the days and as they kept going up I said I am not going back to square 1, and I didn't. . Honestly, once I hit 130 days I knew I was on my way to that smoke-free freedom and I have been there ever since. You can all do it, and it will be the best thing you ever did in your life. Get that monkey off you back once and for all. Once you quit for a period of time you are going to feel and look so much better. You will have more energy and be able to breathe so much better. Have a great year, you can do it, never give up it is not worth it.....  I will post again in September of 2020!!!!



Posted by wianno9616 Sep 6, 2018

Hello my friends, well it has been 2 years today that I have been smoke free. I feel great and I have no desire to ever smoke again. It was this web site that helped me quit due to all the support that I received during my journey. Everyone can quit, you just have to be consistent and never give up. Educate yourself with all the information and blogs from ex-smokers and listen to what they have to say. You will be so much happier to get that monkey off your back. I don't go on the web site much anymore but I will continue to update all of you on my progress yearly. I wish the best for all of you trying to quit, you can do it!!!

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I just signed on and saw that I have quit smoking for 478 days. I can remember so clearly the first time I came onto this website and had no idea that it was the support of all of you that got me to quit smoking. I go back and read my blogs, and it was 5 days before I had the courage to even say anything. Then I had such cravings after 2-3 weeks in and figured out that I need to stay away from my triggers which was alcohol at the time. Then getting through NML (No Man's Land)and then a One Year Anniversary.. For all of you struggling, educate yourself on this website listen to those that have gone through it and follow their path. Stop with the excuses, set your quit date and never look back. It is the hardest in the beginning but I promise you it will get easier as time goes on. The cravings will start to slowly go away, but you cannot slip or the cravings will come right back again. Make smoking your number one priority, and don't worry about anything else like weight gain etc.... Go on this site daily and read all the blogs, it will keep you motivated. Anyone can quit smoking, it is totally up to you and the choices you make. Many of us have been successful, so you can be too. Once you get started never give up on your quit ever....make those goals and you will reach them. You will feel so  much better, you will look better, and be a much happier person if you can get this monkey off your back. Again Happy New Year, and I wish the best for everyone. 



Posted by wianno9616 Sep 6, 2017

WOW! It's been a year(365) days of not smoking, I made it into the 6% club!!! It seems like yesterday when I signed onto this website. This site was why I succeeded.It gave me educational tools and support from others going through the same addiction. The blogs of advice on how to deal with quitting set me up with a process to follow. I would read, "If I can do it, you can do it" and it's true. The beginning is a challenge. My biggest tip was when I got a urge or craving is to WAIT. The urge will pass. Stay away from your triggers. Go on website daily and educate yourself, and read all the blogs. Doing this in the beginning is important, make it a priority. Once you get through NML(No Mans Land) about 130 days you are well on your way to being a non-smoker.It does get easier with time. Set goals and stay focused.Quitting smoking will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. Forget the excuses and justifying why you can smoke, Smoking is bad and will kill you. Just Quit!.I will continue to check-in periodically and I want to give a big thank you to all the elders for their support and help this past year. I wish you the best of luck on your quit, JUST DO IT!!!

Remember N.O.P.E (Not one puff ever) and SINAO-Smoking is not an option.

Want to wish you all a happy 4th of July!!!! Boy another 100 days has gone by already and it is getting closer to one year! It seems like yesterday when I stumbled upon this site and said what the heck I am going to build my profile and set a quit date. I had tried several times before but this time was different. I read all the articles, and I educated myself more than I would have on my own. The tips and support that you get to help you through this is incredible, you just have to follow the plan. I remember my first blog 5 days into my quit and I was having the worst cravings and urges, and I did what I read I WAITED, and the urge went away.  Days started to go by and the cravings did get easier as advised, and my ticker kept going higher and higher. Made it into the three digit club, then after 130 days got through No Man's Land. I felt after the 130 days I felt like a non-smoker and I knew I had this beat. Once your mindset changes which is about 130 days for me anyways you are on your way. In my mind I saw NOPE(NOT ONE PUFF EVER) and SINAO(Smoking is not an option). One thing I remembered was once you relapse those cravings will never go away. You have to be smoke-free and they WILL go away over time. All I can say is that this is the best thing I ever did. Looking forward to my 1 year anniversary! My next goal.......Everyone can do this,  just follow your plan. Don't give up, keep going. I can't thank all the elders for their support and encouragement.  See you in 65 days!!!!



Posted by wianno9616 Mar 25, 2017

Yes I am celebrating 200 days of freedom!!! I feel great! At this point I am a non-smoker, I do not have any desire to smoke whatsoever, and I know I have made it. I had tried to quit on my own several times before and I failed. It was the Ex-Community and this web-site that made me quit once and for all. It was the information that was available to me on this addiction; reading blogs of folks that have gone through all the steps in this process and what to expect. As every day went by smoke free and continuing to go on the website every day making this my number one priority I knew I would not  go back to square one. I was not going to let myself down this time or all the people that have been rooting for me all along. I think being accountable to the EX-team is what made me stronger than doing it by myself. By constantly reading blogs you learned N.O.P.E(not one puff ever) S.I.N.A.O(Smoking is not an option; Smoking is not required; WAIT craves go away quickly; deep breathes. Just think about these things constantly and you can get through it. I feel that if you can make it through NML(No mans land) and after 130 days you will make it. (yes, sometimes a few slip, but your mindset is very strong of becoming a non-smoker for good. Well, thank you again for all your support, I will blog again in 100 days.

Don't ever give up no mater what, its not worth it. If you don't have your health you have nothing.  YOU CAN DO IT!


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Posted by wianno9616 Jan 23, 2017



I am 60 years old, and I tell myself I want to stop smoking every day. I decided to reach out to this website to educate myself on a step by step process to follow, get community support from others going through the same feelings and emotions; and log each day of my journey to stay on track.

I am healthy otherwise, workout three days a week, looking to increase my cardio, strength and endurance, and I cannot be 100 percent if I smoke.

My main trigger is when I have a few beers or drinks. I enjoy a cigarette then.

This will be changing my lifestyle, stop drinking for a couple of weeks, read the articles and watch the videos to remind me how bad it is, and what I need to do to stay on track. I like the buddy system, I think support is key, keeps you in line and accountable.

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Greetings from Cape Cod. It was sunny out and I was drivng down the road with the radio turned up and I felt ALIVE! I hit 130 days and my quit is as strong as ever. I do not thnk of smoking and cravings are gone. I read a blog from an elder who ssaid your goal is not to want or think about smoking. It is happening! I do have a good defense team in place for the nico-demon and well prepared for that. My focus and highest priority for the past 4 months was quitting smoking. I am strong enough now to focus on loosing some weight that I gained during the process. Started a Low-Carb meal plan and I know it will slowly come off. I am the happiest I have ever been since I quit this nasty habit. Again thanks to all of you for helping me get through it all. I read the blogs daily and you all inspire me. Looking forward to my next milestone. Have a wonderful weekend, GO PATS!!!!!

I just got home and I had 10 messages on my message board that I made it into the TDC Club.  I am so grateful that I have been strong and made it this far... but I am more grateful for all of you that recognized my accomplishement and sent me a message congratulating me on my accomplishments. That brings tears to my eyes, and shows me why I love this community and how it has helped me get through this addiction. Again I can't thank you enough for thinking of me, and yes it is a big milestone and I cannot wait until the next one..... thank you all!

Well,well,well 90 days smoke-free!. I feel like I have made it at last.....I feel great, no urges or cravings. Do I get thoughts and reminders at times yes, but they only last a few seconds and they are gone. The "mindfulness" of not wanting or thinking about smoking is getting stronger by the day. As the meter ticks on each phase as a (newbie, 1 month,2 months;NML etc) brings on different feelings and emotions. I am feeling strong. I have tatooed in my brain NOPE;SINAO;Not Required. I will be blogging now once a month with update. However I will be reading all the blogs daily and commenting accordingly. Again, this community is what got me to the 90 days and I thank each and every one of you for your blogs and support. Enjoy your smoke-free Sunday.

I have to say a few weeks ago I was strong on the top of the world, positive, no urges or cravings. Well last week I had a huge craving out of the blue and it lasted a long time. My thinking started to change and I didn't feel positive anymore, I felt like I was going backwards. My saving grace is that I read all about NML and the blogs and learned that you need to be cautious during this timeframe. I am looking forward to reaching the 130 days!. I have to thank everyone for this information because I knew what I needed to do, and I will make it through NML. I go on the website every day because it keeps me on track. Enjoy your smoke free day! Always remember NOPE; I don't do this anymore; it's not required!!!

Wow 52 days, cannot believe how fast the days went by, and each day I am feeling so much better. I think back of all the times I went outside to sneak a cigarette; smoked in the car and it smelled so bad; searching frantically for a lighter to get my nicotine fix; spending 10.00 a pack every 3 days;lying to my dr's and family; smoking a pack when drinking; thinking cigarettes were my friend and how I really enjoyed it at that time. Making a quit date and getting on this website was the best thing I ever did. I will never go back to smoking again, N.O.P.E. I read about No Man's Land? Where did that come from and what do I need to be aware of during the next 2 urges and cravings are gone now. Thank you for all of your support, it has really helped me get through all of this.

I'm so excited that I have been smoke-free for 34 days. The meter keeps ticking away and each day I am so happy I gave up this evil habit. I don't think about it as much anymore, and don't have urges or cravings, but I am always ready and know what to do if they sneak in. I continue to read the blogs and all the information and its the accountability of this website and all my supporters that keep me on track. We can all do this together and I will always remember N.O.P.E.

Good morning. Well 21 days smoke-free and I am feeling great. My mind set is changing from a smoker to a non-smoker. The urges and cravings are going away; I have more energy; breathing better; and it goes on and on with positive results. I have stayed away from my triggers. One of them is alcohol and I am finding that because I am not smoking I really don't care to drink as much as I did when I smoked.  Its like they both went hand in hand and now that one is gone, the other is going as well. I read the blogs every day, and I keep this smoke-free journey in the forefront at all times. It is my biggest priority right now and I am going to succeed. I appreiate all the support and tid bits of advise. I actually told someone I don't do that anymore, and I read that on a blog, makes you feel good saying it. Well enjoy your freedom from that horrible habit. We can all do it together...BE STRONG and DO NOT SMOKE N.O.P.E(not one puff ever).

Good morning. Well it has been 18 days smoke-free and I am feeling good! I just want to say that I log on every morning, and every night to read the blogs and any information that will keep me on my smoke-free journey. EX community is really helping me get through this. I am determined to stick with this and will be accessing this website for quite sometime. Please keep writing your thoughts and emotions it is important to all of us....always remember n.o.p.e.