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Another Birthday

Posted by vanlil Jul 5, 2018

Well I just turned 82 yrs. old and I can't believe it.  Not only that I am 82 who smoked for 63 years and can't believe I am still very healthy and alive. 

Also...………..I can't believe I haven't had a cigarette for 2 years and 16 days...……...THAT IS A MIRACLE!

Thank you all for being here for me and hopefully I can help someone realize that you are never to old to quit smoking.

I can't be on the computer a lot because my husband isn't doing very good.  Falling a lot - uses a cane and pray he would use the walker (only have 3 in the house) more than he should.  

Yes my nerves are on edge waiting for the next fall to happen and it usually looks like crime scenes because he bleeds very easily.  He is 89 yrs. old and very stubborn.  

However I am still so grateful to be a non-smoker.  I don't stink - my house doesn't stink and I do not feel like a 2nd. rate citizen anymore.    Whoeeee