Feeling Better Yeah

Blog Post created by vanlil on Oct 22, 2017

I am feeling a lot  better.  I found that I was getting more and more agitated and having the Nurse Aide a few hours each day helped me a lot.  My fibromyalgia  pain is a lot less and only taking the minimum amount of drugs the Dr. prescribed for me.  The Aide does the exercise routines with my husband and he listens to her.  He is working on strengthening his lower half of his body to improve his balance problem.  Holy Cow - so grateful I don't smoke anymore. That would really be a stresser WANTING/NEEDING a cigarette. Our yard and porches are still a mess.  Screens are all ripped out from the hurricane.  But new leaves and buds are starting to show up.  Tomorrow I will meet with a psychologist and hopefully find out how to get some of my inner-peace back.  Time Time Time...................