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Feeling Better Yeah

Posted by vanlil Oct 22, 2017

I am feeling a lot  better.  I found that I was getting more and more agitated and having the Nurse Aide a few hours each day helped me a lot.  My fibromyalgia  pain is a lot less and only taking the minimum amount of drugs the Dr. prescribed for me.  The Aide does the exercise routines with my husband and he listens to her.  He is working on strengthening his lower half of his body to improve his balance problem.  Holy Cow - so grateful I don't smoke anymore. That would really be a stresser WANTING/NEEDING a cigarette. Our yard and porches are still a mess.  Screens are all ripped out from the hurricane.  But new leaves and buds are starting to show up.  Tomorrow I will meet with a psychologist and hopefully find out how to get some of my inner-peace back.  Time Time Time................... 


hopefully some normalcy

Posted by vanlil Oct 17, 2017

Well after the hurricane - roof fixed and ugly debris piles being removed.  My husband back in therapy for balance issues which is still denies having even though his last one took him to Miami in a helicoptor I still haven't picked up a cigarette.  That is a miracle for me.  I will be seeing a therapist on Monday for support because with all of this  stuff and trauma I am shaky and even afraid to drive.  Just not myself. I have hired a wonderful nurse aide to get my husband out for rides, etc. My fibromyalgia on both feet prevents me from shopping and walking for only short times. Painful but I don't want to get heavy duty meds because I like having a clear head. Dr. put me on very mild stuff (he calls it baby doses ) and that suits me just fine. It sure feels good getting back to Ex family.

Well I am back home for a couple of weeks.  Minimal damage but another serious fall for my husband.  He was airlifted by helicopter on Oct. 6th. (early evening) to Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center.  He is ok BUT is very shaky.   How grateful my son and dgtr. in law are still  here.  They extended their departure fo California after this accident.  Did I smoke   NO NO NO   Did I want to YES YES YES.

I just hired a young nurse friend to begin to stay with us after my kids leave on Sat. It will only be part time - but I need help watching after my husband because I am so jumpy.  I do not want to drive the car (he can't and will begin PT at home next week) My dgtr. in law is doing the wound care for now and I will have a visiting nurse continue to check on the 7" stitches gash .   So fortunate he didn't have a brain bleed.

The landscaping is a mess - son cleaned up the property a lot - we were overly planted but lost some beautiful trees and stuff.

Minimal roof damage - all fixed - We do have an elevator and hopefully the needed part will be in and repaired by the end of this week.  I have a terrible case of Fibromyalgia on both feet - got meds. for that but I can't stand or walk for long periods of time.   Still not sleeping well - wake up 6AM and the brain starts up and can't go back to sleep.

I am so glad I have the nurse working for us ESPECIALLY me.  

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