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Returning home today

Posted by vanlil Sep 28, 2017

Leaving Pa today and meeting with son (structural architect) and wife in Miami and then fly to Key West.  Arriving aroune 6:30 PM.  Curfew still in place 10PM to 6AM to prevent looting. Photos of our house and boat looks great.

Yippeee no smoking and grateful to be an Ex smoker.


another hurricane??????

Posted by vanlil Sep 19, 2017

I am grateful I am not a ""newbie"" or I would be lighting up a stinky cigarette. I will be celebrated  15 months of smobriety on the 16th. of Sept.  Looking at hurricane Marie  taking the same path as Irma. We are still in Pa with family.

Lillian (vanlil)


still an evacuated non smoker

Posted by vanlil Sep 19, 2017

had my 1st good night sleep since hurricane Irma.


feeling blessed

Posted by vanlil Sep 15, 2017

Our house is ok .  Can't go home until we get permission.  No power, water etc.

In Pa with family. 10 miles North of us was wiped out.  We are on the island of Sugarloaf.



surviving Irma

Posted by vanlil Sep 13, 2017

In Pa/ with family.............we are word on our home.  Just bought some nicotine lozenges.  Craving was bad but I DO NOT WANT TO SMOKE.


Leaving our house tonight

Posted by vanlil Sep 8, 2017

We are going to a stronger built house at 5PM tonight. Big cement house with generators and lots of younger people.

I am all packed (medicine, clothes, makeup of course, and lots of gauze pads and bandages for my husband who has some nasty wounds from falling, etc.

Keep the prayers coming.

LIllian (vanlil) 447 dof 


hurricane irma is coming

Posted by vanlil Sep 7, 2017

Well we are in Key West Florida and preparing for Hurricane Irma.  Scary - have borrowed a small generator (our died) and have plenty of water and food. Our young neighbors are staying so we have some muscle power if we need it.

When the storm is over and flights are allowed to come down to our small island our son and son-inlaw will fly in and help us too.  Ha Ha don't have to worry about buying smokes now.  All stores are closed and probably sold out like we don't have any gas at the gas stations either.

Pray for us and all of the other folks down here in the Islands.


watching hurricane Irma

Posted by vanlil Sep 4, 2017

Well we are overdue for a big storm. Last one was Wilma 11 yrs. ago. Hurricane Irma has us here in fhe Florida Keys quite concerned.  Yikes.

Lillian (vanlil) 443 dof