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A Rollercoaster ride since May

Posted by vanlil Aug 10, 2017

Hey guys - I am worn out.  In May my husband had severe bleeding ulcers.  ICU and lots of blood transfusions and then

Rehab and home with PT - then he got arthritis in his feet.  Lots of topical rubs every four hours.  This happened after his 1st cataract surgery.  Drops every 4 hours and down to drops for the next 3 weeks.  Then he fell - had to go to ER for X rays and thankfully no damage but showed arthritis in the back.  Today 2nd. cataract surgery and the drops start again for 3 weeks.  I don't mind the work - his feet and back are better but his ATTITUDE toward me is nasty.  I realize that he is full of FEAR but won't admit it.  At age 88 (he doesn't like that) I am trying to accept that these problems will continue to happen.  Heck I am 81 and I know my tolerance isn't as good as it use to be.

I have had cigarette cravings but I don't want to smoke that is effeminately a "NO NO>"

Just venting and realizing that the past 3 months have been tough. I did cancel my exercise classes for the last 2 weeks. No enthusiasm and I know I must start working on contracting concerts  (4 more needed) for 2019.  

I just don't have the PASSION to talk to musicians and agents. 

Oh well - this too shall pass.

Thanks for listening to my rant for today.