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Posted by vanlil Jul 23, 2017

Wow 400 days not smoking..............unbelievable. Thank you all for your support. It sure has been and still is quite a journey.  Having a tough time with my husband's health issues.  Now he has arthritis in a foot.  Fell out of bed this AM and had difficulty getting back up.  I felt powerless because he weight 180 #'s and I can't do very much. Scary and I am trying real hard NOT to project.  Have to admit - the crave for a cigarette was strong yesterday.  He is very angry and disagreeable about his health.  Can't blame him but his "macho man" image is going down the tubes. But  I AM A NON-SMOKER and PROUD OF IT.

So grateful to be my age and after 63 yrs. of smoking especially grateful to still be as healthy as I am today. Most of all I am thrilled to not think of myself as a "loser" anymore.  Yes I was ashamed to being a smoker and did everything I could not to be seen or smelly. Sneaking and using cologne and hand wipes always on hand and especially the first person to want to go home and not enjoy the function.  It seemed like I was the only "stupid" person wherever I would go.  NO ONE ELSE WAS SMOKING!  Yup - it is Freeing to be smoke FREE. Another BONUS is having EX family here anytime I wanted to chat and making new friends.