Blog Post created by vanlil on Apr 30, 2017

My husband is in the Hospital and has loss 50% of his blood.  Don't know where it is coming from.  On whole blood and Plasma and doing a scope tomorrow AM.

If there is a problem with the care down here in Key West he will be sent by helicopter to Miami. I have a neighbor who will drive me up to Miami (if this happens) and my dgtr. who is a BSRN will fly in from Philadelpha.

Do I want to smoke?    No - but it sure crossed my mind.  I am just so grateful to have my voice back and not worried about not being able to go somewhere to smoke while in the Hospital.  They don't even allow smoking on the Hospital's property.   BUT ONE WOULD NEVER BE ENOUGH.      IT WOULD BE THE FIRST ONE TO STAY AWAY FROM.

I am so fortunate that none of my friends or children smoke.

Wow - I am physically tired and emotionally drained.  But with the help of GOD (always worked before) I will find the strength to continue on this journey.