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Posted by vanlil Jan 23, 2017



I am 2 weeks smoke Free.  Smoked 63 years.  I am 80 year young and grateful to be a healthy 80 yr. old lady.  Don't feel it.  Amazing.

5 kids, 10 grandkids and 6 3/4 Great Grands.

However 2 weeks ago:  lost my voice,nightly leg cramps, smelly, closet smoker, and ashamed of myself.  

Now:  got my voice back and no leg cramps and love the clean air around me too.  

I have been an exercise instructor close to 40 years.  Do not applaud.  It think I used my physical abilities which is excellent as an excuse to not having to quit cigarettes.

WHEN I LOST MY VOICE - and it wasn't coming back after 2 weeks - I finally surrendered.For this I am extremely grateful.

Today - Day 

Still very grateful to quitting cigarettes.  Craves are manageable but having my voice backis THE BEST.

When a crave happens I just give a YELL - yup it is also loud.  I had NO volumn whatsoever when I finally quit.

Gaining  a little weight - 4#'s - but I can deal with that too.

Must lay off ice cream at night.  It is so hot down here in Key West - so we are in the house more than outside. Grateful that my exercise class is still going on 3 days a week.  Have shortened it to 45 minutes instead of 60 because of the heat.

Sept. 26, 2016

100 days smoke free..............Time has flown by for me.  Weight gain has slowed down and the craves are not bad. However, my mind says I really don't want to smoke. So when the "crave" starts I do realize that it is only a "crave" and I still have a lot of UNLEARNING and RELEARNING to do.  But definately I am doing more than ok.

Voice LOUD AND CLEAR - LOVE THE CLEAN AIR AROUND ME and relieved that other people don't have to smell the stink.

Today 180 days of not smoking. I really feel clean both inside and out. Use so much less cologne and relieved that I don't have to keep tic tacs in mouth all the time so   i don't smell like an ashtray. Very fortunate because no smokers are around me in my private life and social life.  Have gained around 5#'s but I can deal with that. Voice is LOUD AND CLEAR............I could hardly speak when I quit smoking.  I do know that I work around the house and outside chores mor slowly and realstic too. I realized early on - that REWARDING myself with cigarettes was one of my triggers. Perfectionism was a realy trigger for me too. Yes life is more enjoyable and less stresful for me today.

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Female, 80 and a 63 yr. smoker




key west fl


classical music, exercise, reading, fishing


pres. of classical concert assoc. ex classical concert pianist, piano instructor, pilate instructor, trophy fisherman


Concert Season

Posted by vanlil Jan 12, 2017

Holy Cow - the Concert Season is beginning this Sunday.  Having the CANADIAN BRASS. We present 6 concerts starting in Jan.and ending in March.  Also busy contracting for 2018 and 2019.  

But I am pledging NOT to smoke today.  I am so grateful NO ONE at the Concerts smoke.  If they do - they are sneaky smokers like I USE TO BE!

Also my son and his wife arrived from CA yesterday and will be here for 2 weeks.  They are involved with the International Sail Boat Races from Long Bch. CA.  Lots of activities.............AND THEY DO NOT SMOKE EITHER.   How blessed I am.

So if you don't hear from me as regularly as I have done in the past you all now know the reason.
Lillian 207 DOF from cigarettes


Day 200

Posted by vanlil Jan 4, 2017

Wow 200 days of not smoking.  Thank you one and all for your support and friendship/  Above all to Sharon (Shashort) Terrie and Cindiboo who were the primary people in my early  quit.  Now I have sooooo many new friends and I love you all.