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Christmas Day 2017

Posted by vanlil Dec 24, 2016

Well Dec. 25th. will be day 190 for me not smoking.  Part of my family arriving in the afternoon to fantastic weather 81 degrees and low humidity.  The 1st. time my dgtr. her husband and a 13 yr. and 18 yrs. old will NOT smell or see me with a cigarette.  For this I am GRATEFUL. 

So grateful to all of my EX family too.  So many blessings in my life.

Merry Christmas Lillian


Holidays 2016

Posted by vanlil Dec 8, 2016

I am so grateful to be smoke free.  Daughter and her family coming for Christmas to a sweet smelling Mom and Grandma.  None of my children smoke - thank God.  So glad they didn't "discount" me while smoking all of these years (63 yrs) and continued to love me and NOT follow my sick example.

I am starting to get into the Christmas Crazies and I know I must be VERY vigilent with my Quit.  When I was a concert pianist (Years ago) I always strived for perfection.  Now I realize that PERFECTION could be my downfall.  Yup an overachiever in all of my affairs.  DANGER for me.  I am doing a lot of stuff in advance (food shopping etc.) so I can truly enjoy ME and my family.

HO HO HO   Today 173 cigarette free