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Posted by vanlil Nov 25, 2016

Yesterday (Thanksgiving) went to a party with 10 people seated at the Feast.  Yup - I would AGAIN had been the only smoker.  What a relief not sneaking out and coming back hoping I don't stink of smoke,

Had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed myself.  That is what I call FREEDOM.

Today 160 days cigarette free (will admit to still using Nicorette lozenges)

Every year - lots of them - I hated when the newspaper and TV shows talked about the GREAT AMERICAN SMOKEOUT.

Here is comes again 2016 this month and I proudly will celebrate .  I always felt that it made me a 2nd. class citizen. Well at least I am a nonsmoker and I don't have to be resentful anymore.

Day 137