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Happy Halloween

Posted by vanlil Oct 30, 2016

Down here in Key West everything goes crazy..   Last night was the Fantasy Fest Parade followed by an entire week of  parties - from wet T shirts to Zombie parade and more.

We have been here for 29 years and it use to be fun but now it is a madhouse.  This little 2 mile by 4 mile island can't handle all of these cars and people.  Needless to say - we stay home. We are 17 miles N of all of the parties. 

With all of those naked or half naked people I wouldn't want to be near any smokers.  Lots of cig burns I am sure.

Today is 134 days of not smoking.  Yeah


Fixed computer

Posted by vanlil Oct 24, 2016

Hooray - the computer is finally fixed.  What a morning working with the fix it man.  

I did have to take an ice-water break - but now I am exhausted.  

BUT I AM cig breaks needed too.

Lillian   Day 128 smokefree days


my computer

Posted by vanlil Oct 20, 2016

Oh happy day - the computer still isn't completely fixed but I can get on EX and read messages and comment.

For this I am grateful.

Lillian  124 Days of not smoking today......yeah


Day 116

Posted by vanlil Oct 14, 2016

Well my computer has been acting up dear friends.  I can only be on a short time before it crashes. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.  

So if you dont hear from me (usually a lot) it's because of this computer.


Gratefully, Lillian


Hurricane Matthew

Posted by vanlil Oct 4, 2016

Hi Ex Family

I have been watching hurricane Matthew carefully.  Looks like the lower Fl. Keys (Key West) will not be in the path of the storm.If I would still be smoking I would stress out checking how many cartons of cigarettes I have.  Whoppee now I just have to make sure the generator works and have enough food in the house.  (I do)

Freedom YEAH

LIllian  Day 108