Day 70

Blog Post created by vanlil on Aug 28, 2016

Is this what is called NO MANS LAND?  If so - here I am.  Still very grateful  I have my voice back. I really thought my voice box was damaged for good.  Talk about "instant" gratification - well I had that after 3 days of not cooking my vocal cords.

My prioblem is I want to snack all the time.,  Unfortunately I have a bowel problem (for years) and I can't do the celery sticks, etc. or fruit...........Bought some sugar free hard candies and lots of ice water with a straw.

It really gets rough at times but as you all said - then goes away.  I am doing a lot of reading, too

Grateful we didn't get that storm predicted coming from the tropics.  We are going into the height of hurricane season but grateful we at least have warnings unlike the people up in Indiana last week.

Grateful, also, I have you guys to cheer me on. I really don't have any support group near me. My husband is a non-smoker (*that is good) and he doesn't understand "relearning."

This is my job and I will not quit on my quit (like Terrie always says) and it is for me and me alone.  That is good!