Blog Post created by vanlil on Jul 31, 2016

I am doing ok - some ups some downs but mostly UPS.

Today (Sun) I have 43 days being smoke free - yeah

I have so many gratitudes and when I get the "crave" I just remember all of the good stuff that has happened to me since stopping cigarettes.

1. Got my voice back (seriously I was paralyzing my vocal cords.)

2. I love not using cologne and washing my hands so I didn't stink.

3. My car smells so clean

4. I am not isolating like I was starting to do a lot.  Have been to several functions and usually I am the 1st. person to leave (because I needed to smoke.  Finding I am really enjoying myself and realizing that I do not know anyone who is still smoking.

5. I noticed I have "rosy" cheeks now..............probably better blood flow.

I could go on nad on and I want to thank all of my friends for being on the journey and keeping me company.