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Posted by tata2 Dec 5, 2019


The best decision I ever made the day my father pass was to quit my addiction of 53 years, yes I smoked for 53 years 2 packs a day, yes believe it for me was inconceivable do something with out a cigarettes on my mouth let along alienated from every body, and spending time running somewhere to smoke missing all conversations, movies half way designer dresses ruined because the smell, white clothe yellow in front white in back, hair smelling cigarettes etc. To top it all

I was asked if my perfume name was  " ashtray by Laton " not counting the effect to my health.

No one can tell you to QUIT, only YOU can. With you mind and our support you can do it.




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Posted by tata2 Jan 23, 2017


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My succes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray.

Posted by tata2 Feb 22, 2016

Is almost a year now, no slipping no urges anymore, totaly free.

To all of you out there triying like I did, I tell you..YES it can be done.

For the first time in 53 years of smoking I am begining to enjoy a full conversation, go to the movie, the Opera without getting up in the middle of the best part to get out and smoke, my clothe smells clean, my hair my house and every thing I see diferent. Is not true that when you stop smoking you gaing weight only gained 5 pounds in a year and is due to some medication prescribed for my spinal cord, I go on a cruise and dont have to runn to the end of the ship in a little hole to smoke while every body is enjoing a show, nor I feel miserable inside the cabin even in a balcony for not smoking.

All those years I was deprived of so many things unaware of it is incredible, and poor me I thought I was enjoing life. Sorry, NO!! I was a total slave of the orders given. NOT SMOKING!!! every where and every day there are more restricted areas to do so, I many Condominiums you are prohibited to smoke on your balcony..YOUR PROPERTY--YOUR CASTLE, how there any one prohibit me for a full use and enjointment of something that is totally mine. Tell you why, now I know..was sitting in my balcony enkoing the fantastic view and some one smoking above me thru a lite cigarrete landing on my dress and cut  fire, simply scary, horrible experience not to mention burns on my lap, then I undertood the why the ordinance.

People those that decided to quit, mantaing your desicion, the ones thinking about it, please dont look at life behing a curtain of smoke, see the sun shining the sun down, the ocean and must of all your FREDOM !

Hope any one reading this will get inspiration to keep ahead and never look beack. You have alot to gaing

Good luck, be strong and take charge of you.

Sincerely a very happy EX.....


9 days smoke free, never lasted this long still get urges specialy on my morning routing but I work on it and passes.

Hope to make it this time.

9 days smoke free, never lasted this long still get urges specialy on my morning routing but I work on it and passes.

Hope to make it this time.