How do Ex-ers handle a smoke-filled house?

Blog Post created by tamarale on May 3, 2011

Okay. I am an EX smoker. It's been easier and easier, and even the thought of smoking seems something distant. It's almost like I've NEVER smoked, and I question, why would I? But, then, I'll see someone smoking outside after a play, or outside a restaurant or bar, and have to REMIND myself that I choose not to do that, and that I really DON'T want to smoke. 

I've managed to stay away from smokers during the last 58 days because I knew this would be my toughest trigger. This weekend, I'm traveling to see my mom, who smokes. Her house smells of cigarettes. Everything does. I'm sharing a hotel room with my non-smoking sister on my visit to avoid cigarettes as much as possible. Oh, Mom had a stroke and is bedridden...and still smokes. That, my friends, is the power of addiction. She is very proud of me to have quit. 

I wonder if it will be like quitting all over for me to be around all the smoke (her husband smokes, too, but outside). I'm curious how other ex-ers have handled something like this?