Guilt over using xanax to get through this

Blog Post created by smsbean on Oct 27, 2013

Hi again,

I am at  day 21 with no cig, day 18 with no nicotine. I feel so guilty that I have been having to use xanax to deal with the panic attacks and waves of anxiety I have been having. I have been on meds for anxiety/ depression for years and was at a good place with no panic on effexor xr 75 mg daily until I quit. The panic didn't hit hard until about a week in, and it was mostly at night, waking me up. Then I started the xanax and it moved to the morning. I only take .50 mg a day , broken up or all at once depending on the situation but I am afraid I will get addicted and I feel guilty every time I have to take one. Has anyone been through this? I see my dr tomorrow and am afraid he is going to try and change my effexor to something else and put me on the med roller coaster again which I do not want to be on. Has anyone ever needed their med dose decreased? Could I be on too much and with the loss of nicotine be having reactions to too much effexor? I am freaking out so any info would really help....