Strange life at times!

Blog Post created by smorgy8513 on Jan 13, 2014

I have been struggling alot with sleep.    I have a sleep disorder plus every couple of years the iron drains out of my body and I have to go get infusions of iron.   One of the signs of that is being tired/exhausted all the time no matter how much sleep I get.     Think it is time for me to have that checked again.

I hate that i'm tired all the time.    I got 5 hours of sleep on Sat night, got up/showered/dressed/did blog and was ready for church.     Felt so exhausted that I had to lay down and then slept another hour, missing church.    So, got up and read the paper, made grocery list and then had to sleep another 1.5 hours.     Went to grocery store, talked to friend on phone and then slept for another hour.      Pushed myself to stay up until 10 pm and then went to almost 7 hours of sleep last night.      

I know this is all boring....but just sayin that sleep and exhaustion is taking a toll on me.     I know it isn't about smoking....heavens, how would that help me?     No, it wouldn't.      And I don't think that 161 days into my quit would still have the sleep disturbance be such a big factor.      So, got to go to have blood tested for iron, get appt with sleep dr to find out about changing meds!

today starts my day of healthy eating and moving.    I''m hoping losing some weight, being more active will give me more energy.......either that or I'll be sleeping throughout the day at 1 hour increments every 3 hours!      Not really!

What's a girl to do?

Down side of this is that I haven't been able to be as active on the site......I read and I blog some but not having the energy to do alot of reaching out.         Hope my friends understand that I will be back.....I'll come here everyday, just won't do as much reaching out.      Know that I still love all of you!

So, I have 161 days of Freedom!      My next goal is 6 months which will be on 2/5/14!!!    Not so far away!