Fantasy Land????

Blog Post created by shill57957 on Feb 22, 2012


Fantasy versus Reality

 FANTASY - Sitting in your favorite spot, you light up that cigarette and smoke it.  You are smiling and happy.  You enjoy each drag you take.  I am back with my best friend.  I love smoking.

 REALITY -  Every thirty minutes to two hours you have to stop what you are doing and light up a cigarette.  You rush out of work to have one, you rush out of a store to have one.  You cant barely wait for a movie to be over so you can get outside to have one.  There is no way you could ever take a plane ride to Vegas because it is so long and you couldn't smoke.  You stand outside in the freezing cold, you stand outside in a terrible storm just to have one.   You are right back to being its slave again.  It is your master, you hate being it's slave.  You are miserable. You want to be free.

When the fantasies invade your mind, remember they are FANTASIES, not reality.  Smile, today you are free!!!!!!

That is how I have stayed free for 203 wonderful days.

God Bless,