Blog Post created by shemeakie25 on Nov 25, 2013

Ok, we committed to stop smoking today so when made sure all the cigarettes were smoked before this morning so we wouldn't wake up to none. He (my husband) had to go work and the weather is bad its raining and icy in  spots (big deal for him as he is a driver). He say bae, can u go grab some cigarettes while I get ready its gone be too rough today on the roads I'm gone need something. My mouth dropped. I went to get them not wanting to argue this mornig and he would have only stopped when he left anyway. This is really hard on me quitting because even if I don't smoke all day he gone come home smoking and this where my quit usually fail at. I know I have to make a committment to quit regardless but its so much easier said than done. I was already wanting a cigarette before he even asked that, I had all the slip up voices going through my head. Thinking I should grab me a pack too just in case and then its raining and I'm not going to want to get back out in it. The other thought was, well if he smoking I'm not gone be able to quit anyway so what difference does it make. Shameful to say, I bought two packs. I haven't smoked yet but I feel the impending doom near. Just had to get this off my chest.