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Posted by shashort Jan 7, 2019

Surgery went well.  I love the part when they ask me if I smoke and I can happily say NO!  They gave me a nerve block so at the moment I feel no pain. Limited to what I can do for 3 weeks.till I can see the Doctor. But YAY it is over.  Thank you for all the well wishes. Now onto recovery for the last time. Glad I don't smoke my healing time will be quicker.  Thank you to all of you for your love and support and prayers during this long for ever lasting nightmare for keeping me on the straight and narrow path of freedom. I truely don't think I would have made it now 970 days of freedom without my EX family.  Off to bed to sleep off the sedation.


Merry Christmas

Posted by shashort Dec 24, 2018

I am forever grateful to each and everyone for all your love and support.  I am thankful to be part of this wonderful family. Without this family I would have been puffing my life away the last two and half years.  I am forever grateful to be smokefree and although life has not been exactly easy in the past 2 years ( 955 DOF) I REMAINED AND EXSMOKER and so can you.. Remember newbies you are creating new memories as an EX smoker, stay true to yourself and remember NOPE.  NOPE has set me free and it can you.  Remember NO MATTER WHAT NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!!  Sending love and hugs to all of you.



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Protect your Quits!!

Posted by shashort Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful EX family I am forever grateful for each and everyone of you.  I remember early in my quit that holiday gatherings could be a bit of a challenge.  In fact I was 6 months in my quit on thanksgiving and came dang close to losing my quit. I actually had a cigar in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand. I was forever thankful that I learned new skills  and had my tool box to ward off the nicotine dude.  I went for a walk singing Giulia's NOPE song sucking on a lemon and smelling my hands, and singing pew weeeee my hands stink and NOPE NOPE NOPE  I don't do that anymore.  So what is in everyone's tool box to protect their quits today and every holiday?    I am thankful for my 924 days of freedom.


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The Doctor says!

Posted by shashort Nov 7, 2018

I can divorce the boot at bed time. HOORAY!!!!!!!!  He said that he believes he corrected the problem.  The problem was many nerves bundled and growing causing pain, but the bigger problem the nerves were trapped by scar tissue.  He cleaned it out and re-reouted many nerves.  Let the healing begin.  In a week or so or when swelling decreases I can start weaning out of the boot.  I have to start torture therapy to help with the scar and to help me walk normal and not on the side of my foot like I have gotten use to.  We believe we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One minor ulner and carpal nerve repair and this should be the end of the 2 year nightmare.  Thank you to everyone who has been with me through this crazy journey.  I truey don't think I would have conquered without you all believing and supporting me.

My motto  Believe I CAN do anything, I will conquer and I did.  Tell yourself positve thoughts and you will conquer.


900 Days  Ago!! Yesterday

Posted by shashort Oct 31, 2018

Zipty doo dah Zipty day, my oh my what a wonderful day.  Whoop! Whoop looky looky who hasn't taken not even one single stinking puff off a nasty smoke for 901 days.  The ride has been crazy and definitely takes work to keep this freedom, but will say it has been worth every bit of effort.  I am loving my new found self during this journey. You CAN do any think you want to do just make up your mind then do it.  So now I skippety doo day onward to earn my comma and join the quad squad. Woohoo dream big, think you CAN, believe,and say NOPE will take you to the path of freedom.  Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me and helping me get to where I am today. Love to you all as I couldn't have done it without you.


Surgery Update

Posted by shashort Oct 7, 2018

Hi everyone!  Well on day 5 of foot surgery and just realized I didnt post a blog.  I atually wrote one but forgot to hit publish.


Surgery went well for the most part of course I had to give them a bit of a challenge and surgery took a bit longer than expected. I am in a boot and have to wear this darn thing 24/7 and using a walker... he said I could bear little weight but use the walker to catch most of the weight.  The real struggle trying to get comfortable sleeping with the boot.  I know this shall pass... I will not smoke over it.


To catch you up.  On Wednesday things seemed okay except pain was starting to get out of control. They sent me home on 5 mg percocet  1 tablet every 6 hours which I was taking regular to keep pain under contol.  I also was sent home with antibiotic clindomyocin to prevent infection.  The antibiotic was causing severe heart burn. It continued to worsen through the day. Thursday I woke up with severe itching and difficulty breathing and pain out of control.  I went to the restroom looked in the mirror and I was broke out with hives every where.  I called Doctor and he sent to me to ER.  They gave me bendryl, monitored my breathing. I Spent all day in ER. but got itch and pain under control. So thankfully the weekend has been uneventful. Don;t see the Doctor until Oct. 24th so hope it heals right. Wish I could do things the easy way.  So again I will not smoke over it.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Here I go again!

Posted by shashort Oct 1, 2018

Hey all still here just haven't been on here as much in past couple weeks. Life has been busy! Been spending lots of sister time as we decided to remodel her whole kitchen from ceiling, cabinets, sink, counter tops and new paint scheme for her walls, oh and of course new floor. It truly has been a good time spending it with family even though we are working. We are just enjoying being together.  This is one of the perks of being an ex smoker, is that you don't have to keep leaving to get a fix which leads  you the feeling of missing something like  not missing the paint fight, and or the food fight.  Getting done slowly but surely.  I just love I don't have to go run and hide to smoke anymore. I have noticed more newbies here congrats on making the decision to quit. For the newbies, I always wrote out the positive things I noticed about quitting smoking.  You have more time and money on you hands for sure. By now starting to notice breathing better.  When the crave hits tell your self you don't do that know more. My life saver is NOPE not one puff ever keeps me free and focused on my goal.

For the newbies, Just know with each day it will get better and better. Positive self talks can go a long way.  Tell yourself you CAN do this! Keep it all positive and your quit will go smoother.  yes we all quit smoking and so CAN you.  When struggling come here first to get help before buying cigs, it will save you life. Remember we are here for you.


As far as here I go again: Yes another surgery scheduled this Tuesday on my foot.  I am having problems with a neuroma and is hurting like heck.Will be weight bearing restrictions for at 4 weeks, if I follow the norms on healing.  Asking for prayers that it goes smooth and fixes my pain issues..  But as usual I will not smoke over it.  I haven't had not one single puff or even a cig in my hand for 871 days. And I am loving my freedom.



Posted by shashort Jul 28, 2018

Good golly It's hard to believe it's already 800 days really now 802 days um now 804 days okay now 806 days without a single stinking puff off a nasty cigarette whatsoever!  I have been trying to write this blog and life kept taking me away so here is another attempt. lol   In the beginning of my quit I never imagined I would make it this far. Was it easy HECK NO!! but possible and as they say around here DOABLE!  In the beginning of my quit or any quit for that fact you have to work it and do what ever it takes, and no matter what to keep with NOPE (not one puff ever), and keep your commitment. I had good days and bad days, and really ugly days and  truthfully I had to just dig deep within myself, dig both heels in the ground to keep myself from going to buy smokes by hollering NOPE, staying busy, coming here to blog, I also had people to  working with me on the sidelines to keep me on the straight path, what ever it took to keep me free is what I did.  Life is always going to happen but it is our choice on how we are going to respond to it. I chose NOPE and forever grateful to be celebrating all these days.  OH AND THE BENEFITS YOU REAP FROM QUITTING IS ENDLESS!  Read Sootie's blog Sootie  UNCOMFORTABLE.  Did it take you too memory lane?  Well remember those days of being uncomfortable and the feeling of social outcast, and all the effort it took you to find a way to get your fix. Also remember your day one and first few weeks of discomfort and don't want to go through that again.  Now I am living life comfortably and enjoying the things I like to do and you can too.  In the beginning it will take you time to feel comfortable but know with One Day At A Time, NOPE NO MATTER WHAT!! life brings us WE WILL GET THROUGH .  Believe it, know you CAN do it and you will live a comfortable FREE life.  OH yeah and at day 806 I rarely think of smoking, rarely a crave so just know it really gets better with time.  


So make the commitment, do the homework and stay close to this site and one day at a time you will find freedom. It is so worth the effort and hard work.  Write blogs, if need be look in Elders list and private message some of the people you feel comfortable with when the tough gets going because it will and you need to be prepared.  Feel free to message me for help if you need to just don't pick up or go buy nasty smokes.  Life is grand as an EXsmoker. 


Thinger (thumb) update

Posted by shashort Apr 20, 2018

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know I went to the hand Doctor for my 6 week postop checkup.  I am happy to report those 3 ugly rods that was sticking up out of my thumb have been removed.   HURRAY!!!  And surprisingly there was no pain involved in the removal  of the rods. Whew (wipes my brow) with relief and glad that part is over YAY!!  He says he is happy with the position of the bone and it is still in the healing stages. So onward I go to OT again to work on mobility (again) for now until I see the doctor in 1 month then hopefully move into the strengthing stage (again) of therapy hopefully for the last time.  He is anticipating at least 3 months of therapy.  As for the nerve pain, looks like rerouting the nerves so far has worked, time will tell once the nerves start regenerating themselves.  So with all that being said as long as there are no complications or problems occur between now and end of OT, then hopefully that will be the end of this chapter of this journey.  Then hopefully move onto bigger, better, healthier happier days.  I can't even begin to express how grateful and thankful  for all of your love, care and support you all have given me.  I really believe that I would have not stayed on ex smoker through all of this without support and I am so thankful to be in this loving community with such wonderful caring people.  I love my 707 days of FREEDOM!  It is so much worth all the effort and discomfort in the beginning.  Some days we have to dig deep within ourselves and do what ever it takes , no matter what, with NOPE to get to there.  BElieve in yourselves and go for your dream of being free. You CAN do it NEWBIES!


Oh yeah ps:  I can now start typing with 2 hands again woohoo!! Watch out I am back! lol love you all


700 Days of Freedom

Posted by shashort Apr 13, 2018

In the beginning of my quit I never really thought  I would  make it through day one and by golly here I am at 700 days without one puff period. I have learned a lot in these past days. I learned to start telling myself I don't do that anymore, Smoking is not an option (SINAO) NO MATTER WHAT happenes in life there are NO EXCUSES to smoke and NOPE (not one puff ever) is the way it has to be stay free.  So if you follow this and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES NOT TO SMOKE like jumping jack, run, take a walk, wiggle, jiggle, giggle, laugh and stay busy doing something comstructive is the way to freedom. I am loving my freedom of being able to anything I  want to do without worries of having to have Sicko Nico bugging me.. Stay strong Newbies you CAN do this one day at a time. Stick with NOPE! Thanks to all my fellow EXers having my back and teaching and showing me how to live this new life of freedom.


2nd events

Posted by shashort Apr 6, 2018

Hi to all.  Still working on the second season and events as a non smoker. My heart is full of sadness and my eyes fulll of tears to have to say goodbyes but I am dealing with it.  Today is the showing and tomorrow is the funeral, which is the 2nd funeral since I quit smoking.  Although I don't anticipate any problems as I really don't have cravings, but I am aware of Nico Demon sneaky ways and will be on gaurd.  My plan is to stay inside and hang with non smokers and enjoy loving on my family today.


To the Newbies always keep your guard up and always saye NOPE!  Always carry your tool box and be prepared to use it.


 I am still peeking in, although not responding to much.  Had Dr. appt and I am not to use my left hand at all.  So far the bone seems to be healing.  I still have the rods in and will for at least 2 more weeks, when I have another Doc appt and xray.  Today is the Showing and tomorrow is the funeral to say goodbye to the best Brother N Law ever. Lots of tears but hanging in there. I am always forever gratefule for my EX family. Love to all and thanks for always with me.


My Heart hurts

Posted by shashort Apr 3, 2018

Last Wednesday we got the news my Brother N Law wasn't doing well and was taken off the vent. It has been 5 of the hardest days of my life having to watch someone I love fade right before my eyes and watch all the family hurting.  Last night we had to say our goodbyes to a great man. He has been in the family for 40 years and not only my brother n law, he was like a father figure to me, my best friend and a big brother.  He was always there for me. He will truly be missed. My heart really hurts, The great thing through all this I didn't have to leave his bedside to go get a fix, although, I did have one quick fleeting thought of wanting a smoke, but it left as quick as it came.  I am so thankful to all of you for all your support. I am so greatful to be in this family. Thank you for your prayers and support. Hugs to all of you.


Post Op Update

Posted by shashort Mar 14, 2018

Well not much to report. Made it through week one post op and uneventful anyhow.  I have a big bulky dressing on my hand and not supposed to do anything with it exception to keep it elevated. I looked in a little peep hole to check thumb and um he said I had 2 rods and EEKS I see 3 in there. oh my!  Oh well won't fret it yet.I figured all this big bulky dressing weighs at least 2 pounds I can do bicep curls, shoulder presses and other exercises to get those arms looking sexy lol.  Actually this surgery (knock on wood) has not been as bad as I anticipated,  Plus I get to play the handicap card too and get by with it lol. Keeping it positive, oh yeah and learning to type faster with one hand.  I don't see the Doctor until march 28th so just doing what I can.  Staying positive with 670 days of freedom.  Newbies keep it in the positive thinking and you can be successful. Hope everyone having a good smokefree day.


Surgery is done!

Posted by shashort Mar 6, 2018

Sorry so late reporting bright eyes here forgot  my computer and I had put my cell phone in the computer case  then walked out the door and left both at home.  My hubby was nice and went home and brought it back to me then I fell asleep.  Well surgery went good, I have 2 rods crissed crossed in my thumb to make sure it stabilizes the bone.EEKS!! not looking forward to them taking the out when the time comes.  At least these rods has a little ball on the end of rod and doesn't look treacherous and can't gouge out my eye lol.  I had a hernia type issue in my palm close to the wrist that was causing pain he had to repair. Also, I had a big whopping nerve bundle that had regrown and is still trying to find my index finger and was causing nerve pain I had in the past, The Doctor was able to re-route the nerves to the thumb so hopefully resolved that nerve pain. They did a nerve block in my upper arm so I have no pain or control of my arm and hand whatsoever well except when I forget, move my hand and it bonks me in the head lol. Whew I am hoping that block last  longer than the 16 -18 hours they quoted and lets me get some sleep, they put it in  at 9 am.  I have an overnight stay in hospital just for precautions since I have tendancy to not cooperate and do things the hard way.  So afraid to jinx me so just saying for now  it has been uneventful  and hopeful I will go home tomorrow.  Thank you all so much for all your love, support and prayers.  I really am thankful to have met such wonderful great friends here in this community I am sending love and hugs to all of you. I am so thankful for MY FREEDOM and for each and everyone for sticking with me and riding along on my journey


Here we go again

Posted by shashort Mar 5, 2018

Well here I go again to surgery on my left hand. Asking prayers that maybe this could be the last surgery. Well I am due at hospital at 7am  surgery starts at 9am is scheldued for 4 hours. See ya all on the other side of surgery. Thanks for all your support.