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Four Years!!!

Posted by savedbygrace2 Sep 9, 2017

Yes it can happen!!

What a feeling of relief and accomplishment to hit this milestone! 

Thank each and everyone of you who have kept a eye on me and celebrate with me as my four year celebration hits tomorrow! 

Newbies, YES YOU CAN!!!! Just think what it will feel like hitting this huge milestone YOURSELVES! There is no gift that you can give yourself that means more than this!!!!



Stacie Aug 29 update

Posted by savedbygrace2 Aug 29, 2017

They are dry and safe! 

Thank you for all your prayers!!


Stacie, Aug. 28

Posted by savedbygrace2 Aug 28, 2017

Our prayers have been heard. The water receded over night and they are still dry for now. More rain is coming, so please keep praying!

She loves you all dearly!

Hi all,

Poor Stacy had a really bad night and day. The rains were just awful and they are hanging on to s thin thread where their house is concerned. At any moment it could flood. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING! Thank you. 


Update on Stacie

Posted by savedbygrace2 Aug 26, 2017

she is fine .  Made it through the night , but very scary winds this morning . 

Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you sweet Anna. If you are on the EX site please blog for me that for now I'm ok and that I love everyone.


She is doing well and will keep me updated just in case she can't write blogs.

Thank each and every one of you for praying for the people dealing with the hurricane!

I am so close to my four years guys , I can taste it!

one more month and I get to celebrate that mile stone. I guess I am cheating a little and starting early but it feels so good!!

I am so  glad I quit when I did because my allergist said I am lucky that I am only battling asthma. ITS NO JOKE GUYS STAY YOUR QUIT!!!

Be back to celebrate    with you guys soon . God bless and hold strong!!



Uber Native American comments and graphics      I love the Lord with all that is within me. I  am just a humble girl who loves to help people. I have struggled off and on with smoking since I was 17. I made the mistake last year to pick it up again when my grandson tried commiting suicide by shooting himself and my dad found out he had cancer all in one day! Praise the Lord both are alive!!! I am learning how to watch out for those big triggers and saying ,There will be rejoicing in the heavenly if I don't give in to the temptation. God won't have to worry about me as well. I rejoice in my support and friendships on this sight. I could not do it without you!

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Merry Christmas all!!!

Posted by savedbygrace2 Dec 25, 2016

Sorry I didn't get greetings out sooner, but I just had ankle surgery, so a little out of it and recouping.

May all your Christmas dreams come true.

1,202 days and holding strong!


Have a blessed one!

Posted by savedbygrace2 Nov 22, 2016

I need prayer

Posted by savedbygrace2 Oct 9, 2016

To much physical pain, emotional pain and stress. I am holding on like a bull dog to my quit, I promise!! 

What a victory!!! I am so excited to be celebrating this awesome accomplishment with all my Ex family. Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!! :-)

Wow!! What a true surprise!!!! I have been so busy trying to get my new business going and successful that the thought of being a ex smoker has not even crossed my mind praise God! I faithfully have stayed smoke free even when my Dads cancer came back , which triggered me the last time. I just said N.O.P..E . And put my energy completely into my business and healing myself.  

Thank you sooooo much for y'all reminding me I have a amazing Ex family that still believes in me!! God bless all!!!


I am here!!

Posted by savedbygrace2 Mar 16, 2016

I decided to take a breath from my new job and come to the place that gives me real smoke free breaths and joy!

I am sitting here thinking about my first days on here thinking that this was completely impossible! Yet here we are 918 days SF later because you guys never once gave up on me! I promise I won't give up on you!! I check in and pray a lot for the newbies. No you don't see me often blogging but I am here. I spend a lot of my time on line with my new job, so I take a break, pick a few and pray for you. 

If any of you ladies are interested here is my info and link....

Anna Ross

Younique Natural Makeup and Beauty Presenter





Posted by savedbygrace2 Feb 27, 2016

Can you believe it!!!! 

Thank you so much Shawn for letting me know. I have been focusing so much on healing myself I have not been keeping track. It feels so good to know that this is a victory!! 

I found out last month that I have thyroid issues on top of my other health issues so I have been put on thyroid and am trying to get that under control. It really reeks havoc when it is off. So it is so nice to know that I don't have cigarettes controlling me on top of it all. Onward and forward I will keep going to the full victory of health.