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Hello Everyone,

First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy healthy and smoke free New year 2019☺Well as of 1-1-2019 it is set in stone I have made it to one full year smoke free☺It has been an interesting past year I have learned alot about myself and it pulled out the best in me and I have seen strengths that I didn't even know I had but also has tested me in areas in which it was a clear reminder in why quiting smoking is not easy thing.So some words of encouragement to all those people who on the first of January began their journey to freedom you can do this it will not be easy but you can do this I have faith in you and so do everyone on this site who has been where you are.Stay close to this site do your research read read and read I can't stress enough how important that part is to educate yourself on letiure on smoking and how harmful it is to your body even if you don't talk on here get on here and read..have a back up plan when craving set in things that help me was a lot of journaling writing about how you feel on paper cross word puzzle coloring books reading novels listening to soft relaxing music listening on YouTube to motivational speakers having some healthy snacks at home like carrot sticks celery stick and peanut butter apple slices etc and also it is real important to reward yourself on your accomplishments one week one month 2 months and so on something simple like going to get a ice cream cone treating yourself to see a movie buying yourself something nice like a nice t shirt a blouse a wallet a purse things like that I decided to go cold turkey with out any smoking aid but that worked for me I don't recommend doing that because everyone is different so if you need a smoking aid please use one!!!! So here are some tips that really helped me to successfully make it to one year smoke free I hope this is a help for can do this!!!

I send everyone positive vibes and hugs,

Keeping working your programs to stay smoke free.

Keep pressing on,