2 months smoke free☺

Blog Post created by ralphaguilar16 on Mar 3, 2018

Hello everyone,

After a busy crazy month of February I can finally stop by this site and give a little up date...my mom started off the month of February getting sick with a high fever cough chills and congested so bad that she could hardly breath so before it turned in to something worse I took her to the doctor's to have her check out they gave her a couple of shots antibiotics and cough syrup so when I was trying to get my mom feeling better I ended up getting the exact symptoms that she had so I ended up going to see the doctor and they. told me that I have came down with pneumonia so my mom and I spent

basically the whole past month sick finally feeling better after all that craziness and kaos I have made it another month not smoking 60 days smoke free I still have a long way to go but little by little taking things a day at a time....I tried to register for the freedom train and have my milestones celebrated but I guess when trying to register I am doing something wrong so in the meantime tell I figure it out and register the right way I will be giving up dates like this...I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and keep working your program to stay smoke free...I send everyone positive energy vibes and hugs and keep pressing on.