Up date...22 days of not smoking...what a wonderful feeling 

Blog Post created by ralphaguilar16 on Jan 22, 2018

Hello to all my Ex Community family,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend☺ well to night at midnight I will be on my 22 day smoke free☺January 22 is a special day for me because first of all it would have been my sweet grandma's 104 birthday if she was still alive rest in peace grandma happy heavenly birthday and also January 22 is my brother's birthday them two are the first people in my family to start the birthday's off...what a great way to celebrate tomorrow by celebrating my brother's life wishing him a happy birthday celebrating with him 4 yrs smoke free for him and 22 days smoke free for me...I thank God Above for giving me the strength to follow through with this journey my family and friends who are a great support for me and will hold me accountable if I slip...and also i would like to thank all of you my Ex Community family you are a huge part of my success and seriously i could not do this with out you all...so there is a another little up date on how am doing...one day at a time I send you all good vibes and hugs...keep pressing on.